Power Newsletter - April 2019

Solid State Relays (SSRs)

MasTec has sold OPTO 22 SSRs since the mid 1990's - we stock in volume and sell in volume.

Opto 22 provides a full range of Power Series relays with a wide variety of voltage (110–575 volts) and current options (3–45 amps).
All Power Series relays feature 4,000 volts of optical isolation, and have a high PRV rating.

Where OPTO 22 products cannot provide a spec match and for some specialised situations we use Power-io, Crydom and other speciality companies.

OPTO 22 can switch up to 575 VAC at 45 amps in a standard hockey puck module. OPTO 22 is not so strong in DC switching and only have low current ranges. We do have other options.

If you are building machines and you need to control AC power, then hockey puck SSRs are excellent as they can be mounted directly to steel cases for heatsinks or if the current is low then use the PCB mount SSRs from OPTO 22.

For distributed SSRs use the OPTO 22 G1, G4 or SNAP products that are backplane mounted.

For DIN Rail SSRs, large SSRs with heatsinks, single and three phase and contactors plus motor starts use Power-io.

For more details on Opto 22 SSR click here









Thyristors and IGBT Controllers

Thyristor controllers are designed to control the battery heat of Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems and the resistive loads within electric furnaces.

Most of the time Thyristors will be involved when handling high currents and voltages, and often when control over alternating currents is needed. They are also used for power supplies for digital circuits; in case the power supply fails and runs the potential of damaging other components.

MasTec Ltd supplies Controllers from three companies

AEG of Germany
CD Automation of Italy.

All are leading world supplier of single phase & three phase Proportional Thyristor controllers & IGBT DC Proportional Power Controllers.




M93 series AC load will be on market soon

M93 series programmable AC electronic load is applied to test the AC power-generating equipments, such as UPS,AC power supplies, and some other equipments either with active current or inactive current, such as switches,breakers, fuses, connectors and power semiconductors. M93 series AC electronic load can analog the load state in which power factors can be adjustable, which provides effective method to test the running sate of AC products in real work condition and thus improve the reliablity of the products.

Supporting DC electronic load operation modes: CC,CV,CR,CW
Supporting AC electronic load operation modes: common electronic load mode and rectifier electronic load mode
Suppporting analog voltage, current monitoring function
Supporting short circuit analog function
Over power, over current, over voltage, over heat protection function
Power factor ranges from 0 to 1(phase difference could be exceeding or lagging when in rectifier electronic load mode)
Applicable to measure time, such as measuring the life time of batteries, UPS, fuses, breakers,etc
Applicable to measure the V, I, PF, CF, P, Q, S, F, R, Ip-/+ and THDv.



TC.ACS is a series of full digital, full 4 quadrant 3-phase AC power sources with exceptional programming features. Each TC.ACS unit represents a three-in-one configuration:

- Versatile synthesized 3-phase grid simulator with 4 fully controlled active outputs. Operation mode setting per comprehensive software tools. Note the fully active N-connection available at the Simulator Port.
- Built-in full 4-Quadrant 1 to 3-phase power amplifier with outstanding qualities, 3 independent and galvanic isolated amplifier inputs, especially suited for high bandwidth HIL applications within the power laboratory, assisted by an external RT processor.
- Programmable RLC-load mode (electronic AC load with grid recuperation) to substitute real and bulky resistors, inductors and capacitors. Reactive power is recuperated into the 3-phase grid with maximum efficiency.

TC.ACS Series Features
- Compact and completely modular design
- High effectivity in all operation modes
- Ability to use an existing liquid cooling system directly
- Optional matched liquid-to-air cooling unit TC.LAE available
- Possibility of upgrading to systems of up to 1 MVA
- High level of system dynamics, = 5 kHz modulation bandwidth
- Non-restrictive capability of refeeding in the Q4 operation mode
- Possibility of operating as an autonomous 4-Q and 3-phase quasi-analogue amplifier
- Possibility of “Hardware-in-the loop”-operation (HIL mode)
- User friendly application software with pre-configured test patterns
- Possibility of integrating into a complete SAS simulation and test system
- Galvanic isolation available as an option without derating the simulator port data
-Three different operation modes:
a) Programmable Grid Simulator
b) Remote operated 4Q AC voltage amplifier
c) Electronic AC-load featuring programmable RLC load impedance

Power Newsletter - March 2019

AC Loads

AC Loads are a complex piece of equipment much more so than DC Loads.

All these instruments can be interfaced and controlled by computers to make Test Systems automatic. The interface can be LAN (Ethernet), GPIB, (General Purpose Interface Bus) or Serial comms.

All these Test instruments have hundreds of commands built in that you can control with a PC via the interface to make them do certain things for you and they send back heaps of data as they do their testing.

Usually there is a bank of Instruments in a Test Suite, the Itech IT8600 would only be one of several usually.

This field of Test Instruments is huge and very sophisticated.

Anyone building a device that makes AC power would need a device like the Itech IT8600 to verify and document its performance. This is called Characterising or learning the devices personality under every conceivable operation mode.




Frequency converter


AC power supply

Electronic components


IT8600 is ITECH latest series of AC/DC electronic loads with power range 0~14.4 kVA and adjustable frequency 45 Hz ~ 450 Hz. The unique oscilloscope waveform display function of IT8600's can display input voltage & current as waveform. It is equipped with measurement modes for different parameters such as inrush current, peak value, effective value, PF (power factor). Voltage harmonics measurement capacity is up to 50th. The built-in RS232, GPIB, LAN and USB communication interfaces are for reliable and fast control. IT8600 is the perfect solution for testing UPS, inverters, AC power supplies and relevant AC electronic components etc.

IT8600 Features
- Frequency range: 45 Hz~450 Hz
- Power range: 0~14.4 kVA
- Voltage range: 50~420 Vrms, 15~260 Vrms
- Current range: 0~1 60 Arms
- Parallel connection/ three-phase control *1
- 7’’ LCD screen
- Oscilloscope function supporting display of voltage and current waveform
- High-speed AD sampling, real-time capture waveform
- Measure Vrms, Vpk, Vdc, Irms, Ipk, Idc, W, VA, VAR,CF, PF and FREQ
- Measures THD ( V ) up to 50th Harmonic
- AC electronic load: CC/CR/CP mode
- DC electronic load: CC/CR/CP/CV mode
- External 0~10 V analog control input, voltage and current analog monitoring function
- OTP, OCP, OVP, UVP and OPP protection function
- GPIB, LAN and USB communication interfaces and external USB flash disk interface

* 1 IT8615 and IT8615L are with the function

The ELPA-SINE series of programmable electronic loads feature a comprehensive set of both AC and DC test functions.
When in constant current operation the user can select between sine, square and DC waveforms. An adjustable frequency up to 440Hz is provided. Peak currents can be simulated with the crest factor mode. A leading or lagging power factor can be set with adjustments from unity to 0 lagging or leading. The desired wave can be recalled from the front panel or selected via an optional computer interface. The load can also be operated in constant power, voltage, resistance or linear CC modes.

Multiple inbuilt tests include UPS efficiency, PV inverter efficiency, UPS back-up time, battery discharge time, UPS transfer time, short circuit and fuse/breaker trip testing. Other interesting features of the ELPA-SINE include a Turbo mode which can test currents up to double the maximum current of the unit up to 1 second, ideal for inrush current testing.

The 4 digit display simultaneously provides actual values taken by the load. Users can toggle between various measurements for: voltage, current, power, frequency, crest factor, power factor and harmonics. On request the load can be built with a GPIB, RS-232, USB or LAN remote control interfaces. A host of protection features guard the unit against over power, voltage, current and temperature.

Max. Voltage Model 350Vrms
Max. Power Model 180kVA
Max. Current Model 0 - 337.5Arms
Operating Modes CC, CR, CV, CP, CF, Turbo, Rectifier
Case Style Rack Mount


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