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Displays, HMI and Signage



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Displays, HMI and Signage

Displays, HMI and Signage


Free Groov view app for iOS and Android


AAEON Industrial Touch Display


Keyence Industial Displays

Newsletter for July 2018


Easy Build HMI for most Autommation manufacturers
On any Smart Device
Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer, Smart TVs

From pumps and processes to production data, to the weather, your world is full of things you need to view, monitor and control. Groov offers a browser based platform in building operator intrface, Show data, form sensors and automation systems, cloud apps, databases, webserice and more.

LCD Displays


The Adlink Smart panel is an embedded open frame panel computer able to integrate into a wide variety of form factors and configurations

Advantech Digital Signage Display series prpvide large format and professional monitors designed especially for DOOH digital signage applications.




Opto22 PAC Display Pro


Suntronic Digital Signage

Vartech Industrial & Military Grade Displays & Signage





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Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition






8-16 Channel Universal Input + Touch Screen Data



Adlink PCI-9111 Series
16-CH 12/16-Bit 100kS/s Low Cost Multi-Function

Instrumentation Front Page June 2018

New this month Robots

This month High Lite > Data Acquisition

MasTec has the largest range of DAQ/DAC

(Data Acquisition) in Oceania

We offer different types of DAQ

SAR - Successive Approximation, used for general purpose applications.

Flash - used for ultra high speed measurement

Integration - used for high accuracy devices - DMMs

Sigma Delta - used for sound, vibration and acoustics systems plus high accuracy systems like Weighing, TCs, RTDs etc

All these companies offer a software libraries, tools and also standalone applications.

Almost all have libraries for LabVIEW.



Data Acquisiton from Measurement Computing provide a wide range of applications and interfaces.

The company provides a variety of options

Data Loggers

Data Acquisition Devices

Data Acquisition System

Measurement Computing Bluetooth and Adroid DAQ


LABJACK T7 Pro - Fully compatible with Modbus TCP/UDP and most SCADA Programs

Highly Expandable , with a wide range of inputs
ADC, DIO, DIO. I2C, Onewire, Encoders etc. Alsothe PGA allows TCs and RTDs directly.

The Standalone logging capabilitiy of T7 Series can be enhanced with the use of Lua Scripts to collect , format and report data from a wide range of inputs and I2C sensor .

The modbus libraries for this unit are outstanding. Setup the IP address and you can be collecting and controlling in minutes.




National Instruments PXI Multifunction I/O Module

Multifunction I/O Device






Embedded Computer Boards

Embedded Computer Boards



Rabbit huge range



Linux SBC PACs


AAEON 6th Generation Intel Product

Products for May 2018

Embedded Computer Boards

MasTec supplies various types of Embedded Computers

Tiny PIC Micros

Rabbit Micros

ARM Linux Micros

Intel Atom Micros

Intel 86X Micros

AMD Micros


Advantech PC/104

PC/104 and PC/104+ are examples of standards for ready-made computer boards intended for small, low volume embedded and rugerized systems, mostly x86-based.

Digi Embedded

Digi has created a line of single board computers. It supports ARM, NXP, Rabbit processors and multiple wireless interfaces.



Advanced Open Architecture



Arbor emcore155m0

IOT Kits


AC and DC Loads and more

Xbee Wireless Comparison Sheet

All things Power UPS Medical PDU USB Power etc

6th Gen Intel SBC

DAQ Hardware and Software

IsaGraf PACs

Medical Grade Power

New > Raspberry Pi...and SNAP industrial I/O

Programmable Instruments and Power Sources

Mastec Projects, Books and Training

Mastec Projects, Books and Training

MasTec Projects

Over the last year MasTec has completed 6 major projects in sites through out NZ. Several hundred hours of programming work has been completed, as well as many hundreds of hours of commissioning, site management, and installation.

All these projects involved LabVIEW at the core. However, many of these projects also include PACs, PLCs, Process Controllers, with peripherals like Servos, Actuators, VSDs, Water measurement and control, Hydraulic Control and other real world systems.

MasTec has several large projects on its books, spread out over about 3-4 years. There are gaps in this schedule.

Many sites still run XP and Win 7 for their LABs and Production areas. MasTec is still undertaking new projects in legacy LV 6.1 /7.1/8.2 and 8.6 systems.

Major new projects are still undetaken in LabVIEW 7.1 that run in Windows 7 32 Bit OS, very successfully. LabVIEW 7.1 is still (in our opinion) the best LabVIEW ever released. Fast, efficient and stable. Win 7 32 bit OS will be available for some time. Most large corporations are still running Win 7 due to its excellent stability and IT staffs familiarity and history.

However, other projects using from LabVIEW 2010 up to the present version of 2015 SP1, which is good, but very processor hungry and much slower to develop in. We only recommend I7s CPUs with this software with SSDs for the OS and LV.

  LabVIEW Books   
Five PDF Books
How to program more effectively in LabVIEW

A 6th Book is planned to show how to include Editable Operator Messaging Inside State engines from files loaded at runtime.

The 5 books introduce a thorough development of LCOP - LabVIEW Component Object Programming methods.

Book 1 "Hidden Data",

that is, cleaning up LV Program's by Removing Constants from Diagrams and putting them in Configuration Files for Loading at runtime.

This method does not use ini files but a far more robust LabVIEW centric method, not seen in other literature. It also cleans up Diagrams and Self Documents.

Book 2 "Abstraction",

that is, removing complexity in the top layer of a LabVIEW diagram by building Abstracted Message Driven LV Components.

This shows how to build Message driven (Test Verbs) Abstracted named (noun) State Engine Components that are safe & robust. It also leads to better cohension of course and no/low coupling.

Book 3 "Real Time Cluster Constants Editor"

that is, Removed Diagram Constants that are loaded at Run Time from a config file, can now be edited, in situ, inside the Program /or its Component while it runs, allowing tuning of programs in Real Time.

Changes made to the Constants by the editor can also be saved back into their original configuration files at run time. This addition of the Real Time Editor removes the need to exit a component or program to edit constants.

Book 4 "Low Frequency Real Time Control",

is about how to use USB DAQ, DIO and DAC to control an Hydraulic RAM for Testing a UUT.

It is a close look at how to use State Engine for Control.

Simple but useful for anyone wanting to do closed loop control.

It embodies many of the LCOP methods discussed in the other three books.

Book 5 "An Off Line Constant Cluster and Calibration Editor"

For Editing, Loading and Saving Cluster Constants" and also built in into the editor "Adjust Calibration and System Data" off Line for easing commissioning. Plus more helpful bits.

This includes a section on setting up all Paths for an application as a large Cluster Constant, again easing commissioning, Typically a large Application will have in excess of 30 Paths to manage.

MasTec Training

"LabVIEW for Everyone"

MasTec recently under took a 4 day Training course for 15 Academics, (Professors and Grad Students), at one of Oceania's largest universities.

The focus was on getting students to the point where they can undetake projects by the end of the course. A big ask. However, the focus was not on how to use all the bits inside LabVIEW to make software but the development of strategies to allow projects to be undertaken.

The MasTec Instructor has trained all over the globe and has taught over 2000 students.

He will also come to your site and do training with your LabVIEW team, using traditional or these new LabVIEW methods MasTec has developed.

Keep up with MasTec's latest LabVIEW Notes

Portable LabVIEW on Tablets

Some important information for those wanting to do Portable LabVIEW applications.

Did you know that LabVIEW 6.1 runs very well on older ATOM WIndows XP Tablets.

Also did you know LabVIEW 7.1 runs very well on ATOM Windows 7 Tablets.

If you need a Windows 7 tablet buy any new one and rip out the Windows 10 and put on Win 7 Embedded or even Win7 32 bit and you are away.

These tablets can have a relativelylow spec ATOM Intel Chip and run just fine.

This includes doing DAQ with USB or Serial.

So do not believe the blogs that say you can't do this, they are talking about newer LabVIEWs that are huge bulky pieces of software and full of stuff you never will use for small portable apps.

I haven't tried it but I am guessing even Windows Phones will run it fine under Win 7 or 8 OS

Mastec Projects, Books and Training

Mastec Projects, Books and Training

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