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Alpha Power Products

MasTec has been distributing Alpha since 1997

Alpha Technologies is a world leading developer of all types of Power Systems with several divisions:-

Alpha Technology's core is Telecom, Traffic, Security, Energy and Smart Grid Sectors

Alpha Group's core is Broadband cable Sector

2000 employees, 35 year history, over $500m USD, over 3 million systems world wide.

Product Types

Alpha sells all types of UPSs below plus specialist UPSs for Telco, Cable, Cell Phone Sites, even Static Switches for large UPS installations etc, please ask.

  • Road Side Cabinet Power
  • Traffic Light and Emergency Backup
  • Railway Back Up Power
  • Public Signage
  • Broadband
  • DC Data Communication
  • Specialty AC UPS
  • Advanced Alternative Power Inverter Chargers
  • Batteries, Batteries, Batteries
  • Both levels Commercial, and Industrial

A separate page for the extensive Battery Range

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