AC Power Sources, Frequency Converters


IT7300 Programmable AC Power Supply





Soltec AHA Series Frequency Converter



 We have a wide selection of AC Power Sources and Frequency Converters in our Test Equipment Website:

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MasTec supplies different types of AC Power Sources and Frequency Converters

Fixed Voltage AC Frequency Changers
Variable Voltage AC Frequency Changers

AC Power Synthesizers

Fixed Voltage AC Frequency Changers

Bench Testing Aircraft Electronics:
From 230 VAC 50HZ
110VAC at 400HZ


convert 230 VAC to 50Hz to 60Hz

all other Combinations

400Hz to 50 Hz or 60Hz

AC Power Synthesizers

Produce almost any AC Waveform you require.

Single Phase AC Power Source

Three Phase AC Power Source

Twintex is used extensively in NZ for Compliance and R&D systems.

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GW Instek APS-1102




GW Instek APS-7000E



30 Series Pnuematic/Hydraulic+Electrical Rotary Unions & Rotary joints



Senring M series Mini slip ring is specially designed for data and video signals transmission of small and medium-sized equipment, like speed dome camera, children intelligent toys, stage lights and drones.


SENRING Boardband



Pancake slip rings are mainly applied to transmit precise signal together with power, also could be combined with fluid media transmitting(such as hydraulic or pneumatic.




MasTec Power Front Page - July 2018

ASlip Ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires rotation while transmitting power or signals.

MasTec is the distributor for SENRING.

We supply:

Through Hole Slip Rings
Capsule(Tiny) Slip Rings
Mercury Slip Rings
Wind Turbine Slip Ring
Customized Slip Rings
Fiber Optic Slip Rings(FORJ)
Fiber-Electric Slip Rings
Pancake Slip Rings
Broadband Slip Rings


SENRING Thru hole


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Loyal Noronha

phone: 64 92734200


Fiber optic rotary joint also called optic-electrical slip ring, using fiber for transmitting, which provides the best solution for the data transmitting of rotary connections systems. is suitable for application which needs transmitting large datas or signals from static device to rotary position when continuous or intermittent rotating




SENRING Wind Turbine



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