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T&M Instruments

Broadest selection in Oceanie

A well established Instrument Maker

AC/DC High Power Instruments and more

One of the new standards for Instruments

Home of Test Software + Instruments


AC Power Sources + instruments

 Modulated PSU, Precison Load & PSUs

PXI/VXI Special Test Instruments

 Isolators & Conditioners

Welcome to our Newsletter

An impressive line up of T&M Product
Design, Technology, Software and Instruments

21 companies all with their focus and speciality.

Almost all the companies logos above are companies MasTec has been distributing for many years.

Also all the logos are Buttons to their pages.

National Instruments since 1989
GW Instek and ICS since 1994
Adlink, Dataforth, MCC, Freq Dev since 1995

Most of the others are newer startups since 2000.

Introducing ITech a new company for MasTec

ITech will impress with their high power AC and DC Power Supplies, AC and DC Loads, Multi Station Battery Testers and High Power AC Power Sources.

You will know immediately if you need this company, in many cases it will be these products tick all the boxes.

All programmable and excellent software with support.

For the newbes or beginners.

The T&M Discussion

T&M is a fundamental necessity for the evaluation of perfrormance in the production of Electronic and Electrical Products.

T&M is also fundamental in the Development of Electronic and Electrical Products.

This is true even if it is just a simple Digital Voltmeter that is used to measure inputs and outputs of simple R&D system.

The Building Blocks for T&M usually consist of several parts >

A Computer, Some Test Software, a Comms Link to the Instruments, Serial, USB, Ethernet or GPIB ( even Wireless) and the T& M Instruments or Instruments as a Test Suite and finally the interconnects ( Probes, Shunts, Clamps, Cables etc ) to the Device Under Test DUT or UUT.

The Test Engineer

A Test Engineer has to be very versatile and knowledgeable > understanding Computer Test Programming, Instruments Languages, Test Instruments Specifications, Possible Errors and the necessary methods and procedures to test the product meaningfully.

A very big job and development is time consuming and often one step forward two steps back until finally the Software is driving the Instruments correctly and the results are coming out meaningfully. Well done, you will only do it a few dozen times in a lifetime but each time you become more proficient and it slowly gets easier.

So to our companies that provide the Test Instruments. we are not going to look at all of them in detail but will high Lite in the Picts each of their strengths.




Excellent Instrument Maker

Established with an Excellent Broad Range

One of the leaders in PXI


Super Dynamic Signal Analysis Devices


Loads and Power Supplies

 GPIB and Specialty Test Instruments

 Filters - Filters - Filters

Power Instruments
Serial - GPIB - USB - Ethernet - PXI

Chassis - Modules - Standlone

Medical and Lab Grade UPSs

Broadest selection in Oceanie

Medical Grade UPS, Line Conditioners


Electronic and Computer Isolated Conditioners

Standard Isolated

Ground Guards


  Medical Grade UL60601 and IEC60601

 Hardwired Isolated Conditioners

 OEM Low Impedance Isolated Conditioners

 Three Phase Isolated Conditioners

  Comms Connectivity Protection

Network Connectivity Protection

Companies High Lited June- July 2017

PowerVAR Ametek

An impressive line up of products and technology

Ametek is a Global company with sales of $3.6 billion.

AMETEK Powervar Celebrates 30 years of power quality this year.

All AMETEK Powervar products are built around a philosophy called "The ABC’s of Power Conditioning".

Each of their products incorporates the function of -

A low impedance isolation transformer

A power line noise filter

A high energy surge diverter

These three elements are the core of Powervar’s power quality solutions.

When applications require uninterruptible power, voltage regulation, harmonic mitigation or other protection necessities, their product solutions are based on The ABC’s of Power Conditioning to meet all of your system’s protection requirements.




Local Area Power Center >> Retail Check Outs

Mobile Power Manager (MPM)

Extended Runtime online double conversion UPS

3 Phase Extended Runtime online double conversion UPS


Sinewave Isolated Rack UPS/UPM

Medical Grade UPM UL60601/IEC60601 3rd Edition.


Uninterruptible Isolated Power Manager


Uninterruptible Isolated Ravk Power Manager

 Ground Management Network UPM

 High crest factors & current inrush peripherals UPS

 Mission critical devices UPS + Medical

 Facility Power Management

 Facility Power Management Software
Medical Grage Conditioners

Medical Grage UPS/UPMs

Line Conditioning

Medical Grade UPSs

Power Conditioning

Indusrtrial Surge Protection with filters

Line Conditioner Surge Protection with filters

2000W Line Conditioner Surge Protection + filters


  Network Protection

Second of Three Companies High Lited This Month


 TrippLite Medical and Protection Products

TrippLite has been making Medical Grade UPSs for many years. We have many installed in NZ and Australia.

The heart of their designs is Medical Grade Isolated Transformers that make the UPSs UL60601/IEC60601 compliant.

For the 230 VAC market they have three UPSs, 350, 700 and 1000 VA units.

They also make mobile medical power systems for trolleys using medical grade Inverters/UPSs and chargeable battery packs.

When it comes to Surge Protection and Line Conditioners, TrippLite has many models.

The Euro 4 Industrial/IT Surge bar has sales of 20 million world wide and is tough with Filters, MOVs and Breaker.

TrippLite Line conditioners go one step furter with an automatic voltage switching transformer to keep power in a useable band even in brown outs or extrem over voltage.

We are also announcing TrippLItes new high Power UPS, with redundancy, hot swap, scaelable models, their most technical UPSs to date.

Medical Grade UPSs

OmniSmart 230V 350VA 225W
CE/IEC 60601-1 Medical Grade Line-Interactive UPS Built-In Isolation Transformer

Medical Grade UPSs

350 VA Mobile Medical Isolated Power

SmartPro 230V 700VA 450W
Medical-Grade Line-Interactive Tower UPS
6 Outlets, Full Isolation, USB, DB9

 Medical Grade UPSs

SmartPro 230V 1kVA 750W
Medical-Grade Line-Interactive Tower UPS
6 Outlets, Full Isolation, Expandable Runtime

  Medical Grade UPSs
Medical Grage UPSs

Medical Grage UPSs

UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch

UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch

Galvanic Isolated UPSs

Industrial Grade Galvanic Isolated UPSs

Laboratory Galvanic Isolated UPSs

 New DIN Rail UPS Galvanic Isolation Options

Third of Three Companies High Lited This Month
Galvanic Isolated UPSs


 The Soltec UPS Products

Frequency Converters
Rectifiers ( Charger )
Static Transfer Switches
Accessory of UPS

Almost all Soltec products can be had with an extra transformer to make the output Galvanically Isolated.

We have units installed in NZ, Aus and the Pacific

We have supplied models up to 20 KVA with these very heavy transformers. In Labs and some factory systems this is essential for stable operation of a Control system or IT system.

The large Industrial ALP UPSs are always galvanic isolated and are modular growing up to 200KV+

At thios time we are also annoucing three new Soltec Products.

A highly modular and efficient AHR UPS

Two Static Switch families up to 1000Amps

Galvanic Isolated UPSs

High Frequency Galvanic Isolated UPSs

High Frequency UPSs Galvanic Isolated options

  Galvanic Isolated Inverter
UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch

UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch
Ethernet Powerlink

Embedded SOMs and PLCs



IOT Kits - Easy Build
IOT Systems on a MiniBoard
Industrial Communications
Systems on Module Kits
OS Level Programmable Modules
Automation Components
IEC-61131-3 PLCs
Ethernet PowerLink
Software Libraries

Industrial Comms

CAN Open Interfaces/Gateways

 Ethernet CAN Interfaces/Gateways


  USB CAN Gateway

Company High Lite This May- June 2017

Sys Tec of Germany

 The Sys Tec  Products

Sys Tec started its industrial focus with all things CanBus and expanded and included OpenCan.

Sys Tec realised that Development Kits were the quickest and easiest way for clients to get into this technology. They have a vast array of development kits, downloads for software to make the experience efficient and permanent.

Hand in Hand with the kits came SOMs, Systems on Modules and many embedded boards and software aids.

To allow a full experience with no comms difficulties, Sys Tec introduced many types of Comms Gateways for connecting to their development and embedded products.

When the Ethernet PowerLink Hardware and Software spec was released, SysTec was an instant player, having all the technology to translate PowerLink into real devices.

They have a broad set of Development kits using many OSs, CPUs and VHDL FPGAs.

Modules by Architecture

Freescale QorIQ LS1
Freescale ARM11
Freescale Coldfire
Atmel ARM9
Intel x86 ATOM
Infineon Tricore
Altera FPGA
Infineon C16x
Fujitsu MB90

The natural extension of all this technology was IOT and Sys Tec were one of the first to offer meaningful Kits to develop IOT embedded systems.

Their latest development is the SOM IoT Chip.

The Sys Tec  IoT Chip is easy to integrate for use in the Internet of Things applications and also the connecting of devices/machines to the cloud.

Like all Sys Tec devices, the IoT Chip is designed for the direct connection to the Cloud.

The benefits of the SYS TEC electronic IoT Chip lies in its design, ease of use, security and cloud connection. On the chip are libraries and protocols such as MQTT, Modbus or CANopen which are ready to use immediately.

The templates supplied in the source code are available to users as a starting point for their own customisation. I²C and SPI make it possible to directly connect actuators and sensors.

This allows the entire measurement, control and regulation to be
handled on the IoT chip ( Itis like a small PAC or PLC. As a result, the chip works independently of the cloud.

There is also no additional gateway required for cloud connection.

Sys Tec's IoT Chip delivers M2M communication at the highest level, as well as being efficient and available at a moderate cost.

Sys Tec is partnered with IBM for IOT Read more


IEC-61131-3 PLCs

IOT/PLC Direct Connect Core


  openPOWERLINK Linux Starter Kit


  CanOpen Kits


 Line Card pdf

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Embedded ( Asus ) Intel Gen 6/7 Modules

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Programmable Instruments ans Power Sources

Mastec Books and Training

MasTec Projects

MasTec's LabVIEW Books

LabVIEW Training

 MasTec Projects

  LabVIEW Books   
Four Short PDF Books
How to program more effectively in LabVIEW

A n5th book is to be released soon, showing a full off line editor Application for Loading and Saving Cluster Constants and also a section to adjust Calibration and System Data off Line for easing commissioning.

This includes a section on setting up all Paths for an application as a large Cluster Constant, again easing commissioning, Typically a large Application will have in excess of 30 Paths to manage.

The current 4 books introduce a more thorough development of LCOP - LabVIEW Component Object Programming methods.

This method makes extensive use of Front Panel TABs, Diagram Constant Clusters as Type Defs and Enums as Type Def Verbs.

It has a built in Cluster Editor that runs either in the Program that allows remote adjustment of programs configuration files.

Using LCOP methods will simplify and establish design development plus stabilise your programs. It even make installs and maintenance easier.

Updating and expanding programs then follows a standard pattern already in the program design.

This method delineates Public and Private data clearly.

This is critical for Component Design and for low coupling and best Cohension.

Book 1 "Hidden Data", that is, cleaning up LV Program's by Removing Constants from Diagrams and putting them in Configuration Files for Loading at runtime.

This method does not use ini files but a far more robust LabVIEW centric method, not seen in other literature. It also cleans up Diagrams and Self Documents.

Book 2 "Abstraction", that is, removing complexity in the top layer of a LabVIEW diagram by building Abstracted Message Driven LV Components.

This shows how to build Message driven (Test Verbs) Abstracted named (noun) State Engine Components that are safe & robust. It also leads to better cohension of course and no/low coupling.

Book 3 "Real Time Cluster Constants Editor", that is, Removed Diagram Constants that are loaded at Run Time from a config file, can now be edited, in situ, inside the Program /or its Component while it runs, allowing tuning of programs in Real Time.

Changes made to the Constants by the editor can also be saved back into their original configuration files at run time. This addition of the Real Time Editor removes the need to exit a component or program to edit constants.

Book 4 "Low Frequency Real Time Control", is about how to use USB DAQ, DIO and DAC to control an Hydraulic RAM for Testing a UUT.

It is a close look at how to use State Engine for Control.

Simple but useful for anyone wanting to do closed loop control.
It embodies many of the LCOP methods discussed in the other three books.

To get your copy, send this email request to the MasTec LabVIEW Develop Laboratory in Northland NZ.

MasTec Training
"LabVIEW for Everyone"

MasTec recently under took a 4 day Training course for 15 Academics, (Professors and Grad Students), at one of Oceania's largest universities.

The focus was on getting students to the point where they can undetake projects by the end of the course. A big ask. However, the focus was not on how to use all the bits inside LabVIEW to make software but the development of strategies to allow projects to be undertaken.

The MasTec Instructor has trained all over the globe and has taught over 2000 students.

He will also come to your site and do training with your LabVIEW team, using traditional or these new LabVIEW methods MasTec has developed.

Keep up with MasTec's latest LabVIEW Notes

MasTec Projects

Over the last year MasTec has completed 6 major projects in sites through out NZ. Several hundred hours of programming work has been completed, as well as many hundreds of hours of commissioning, site management, and installation.

All these projects involved LabVIEW at the core. However, many of these projects also include PACs, PLCs, Process Controllers, with peripherals like Servos, Actuators, VSDs, Water measurement and control, Hydraulic Control and other real world systems.

MasTec has several large projects on its books, spread out over about 3-4 years.

There are gaps in this schedule.

Many sites still run XP and Win 7 for their LABs and Production areas. MasTec is still undertaking new projects in legacy LV 6.1 /7.1/8.2 and 8.6 systems.

Major new projects are still undetaken in LabVIEW 7.1 that run in Windows 7 32 Bit OS, very successfully. LabVIEW 7.1 is still (in our opinion) the best LabVIEW ever released. Fast, efficient and stable. Win 7 32 bit OS will be available for some time. Most large corporations are still running Win 7 due to its excellent stability and IT staffs familiarity and history.

However, other projects using from LabVIEW 2010 up to the present version of 2015 SP1, which is good, but very processor hungry and much slower to develop in. We only recommend I7s CPUs with this software with SSDs for the OS and LV.

Announcement >>> Opportunity

The MD of MasTec has recently decided it is time to realign his life after 50 years of technology, to go horse riding with his wife and dogs Polly, Lilly and newly arrived Freddie.

If you have an interest in owning this important technology company, now is the time to act and start communcation.

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