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Welcome to MasTec's Newsletter - Feb- Mar 2017

Industrial Hardened Automation

PAC Automation and Control Systems
Controllers, Software, Backplanes and Isolated I/O
For Applications of any size

Industrial OSLess SNAP PACs > One of Best in Industry
groov HMI > One of Best in Industry > Most Manufacturers.
OptoEMU Sensor Energy Monitoring Unit

PAC Flow Chart Programming > One of Best in Industry

Local or Remote IO Brains > 485, Ethernet and Wireless

Local or Remote IO Digital Modules

Solid State Relays > Best in Industry
DC Control > 575 VAC 45 Amps > 4000VAC Isolation

Solid State Relays > Best in Industry
Z Series DC Control Plastic Case >10A > ISO 4000VAC

Solid State Relays > Best in Industry
Heat Sick Series DC Control > ISO 4000VAC

Solid State Relays & Isolated Input Modules
G1 Series DC Control > ISO 4000VAC

Company High Lite This Month

groov HMI
Most Manufacturers Automation Systems Supported

Build a Standard or Mobile HMI interface
View it on any device - PC - Smartphone - Tablet

Programming System > One of Best in Industry

Distributed IO Racks > One of Best in Industry

The Perfect IO Expansion Companion for Allen-Bradley®

Soft PAC Programming on PC - Same Flow Charts

Local or Remote IO Backplanes . Mount Brain and IO

Local or Remote IO Serial Modules

Solid State Relays > Best in Industry
AC Control > 575 VAC 45 Amps > 4000VAC Isolation

Solid State Relays > Best in Industry
MP Series DC Control PC Mount > 4000VAC Isolation

Solid State LED Dimmer Relays
DC Control > ISO 4000VAC

Four Solid State Relays or Isolated Input / Module
Quad Series DC Control > ISO 4000VAC

Company High Lite This Month

Raspberry Pi®.

Sense and Switch industrial-level loads
Optically Isolated IO blocks

Isolated SNAP IO > One of Best in Industry

Soft PACs > PC Based > One of Best in Industry

Wireless - Ethernet Redundant PAC Controllers

PACs for IOT

Local or Remote IO Analog Modules

Local or Remote IO DIN Cabinet Mounting

New Solid State Relays LED Indicator
DC Control > 575 VAC 45 Amps > ISO 4000VAC

Solid State Relays > Best in Industry
P Series DC Control Flat PC Mount > ISO 4000VAC

Solid State Relays > Best in Industry
Heat Sick Series DC Control > ISO 4000VAC

Solid State Relays & Isolated Input Modules
G4 Series DC Control > ISO 4000VAC

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Industrial Automation




OPTO 22 Products

MasTec has distributed OPTO 22 since the mid 1990s and highly recommends all their products. OPTO 22 is one of the world's premier suppliers.

Opto 22 manufactures powerful and easy to use hardware and software products that allows measurement and control of all kinds of electrical, mechanical, and electronic devices and machines.

OPTO 22 IOT products enable industry to look after all types of systems and devices remotely View

Opto 22 PAC controllers, I/O (input and output modules), solid-state relays, and software are used for industrial automation, remote monitoring, data acquisition, and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications.

OPTO 22 has the best HMI product on the market groov

OPTO 22 products make it possible for you to use your normal business networks and computer systems to monitor, control, and get data from all the devices and machines that are important to your business, on the production floor or even more remotely.

OPTO 22 products translate the data between computers and other machines. This translation works easily and inexpensively because Opto 22 designed products to run on non-proprietary communication standards like Ethernet and the Internet Protocol (IP).

Also BACnet, OPC, Modbus, dnp, EthernetIP etc

You will find if you are building PAC based solutions, in almost all cases OPTO 22 will the lowest cost and the most flexible of all current solutions on the market. And of course you get OPTO 22 legendary isolation and tough I/O.

Ask for a quote before you run off and buy some companies PAC system that doesn't have the long experience OPTO 22 has (since 1972).

OPTO 22 Products

Best HMI

Best IOT

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

Allen Bradley Expansion



IO4AB Tanks



The perfect companion for your Allen-Bradley® System

SNAP I/O from Opto 22 extends your A-B PLC system with distributed Ethernet I/O where you need it, plus advanced process control features.

With ControlLogix® and CompactLogix PLCs, use our distributed intelligence to shift I/O scanning and control to the local I/O level.


add new, reliable, low-cost analog and digital I/O to MicroLogix® systems.

Why would you do this??

Read these two articles and you will see that adding ethernet IO with Brains takes the load out of your PLC and more.

Expanding AB Systems with Intelligent Remote I/O link

Adding Process Control to a PLC-Based System link

Watch step-by-step video link

Opto 22's Alexi Beck Gray shows you how to simply set up SNAP I/O with an A-B system that uses RSLogix™.

Configure I/O, create assemblies, and exchange data.

Allen-Bradley, ControlLogix, MicroLogix, and RSLogix are trademarks or registered trademarks of Rockwell Automation, Inc. SNAP I/O from Opto 22 is not related to nor endorsed by Rockwell Automation.

Use OPTO 22 groov with AB


Grove Controller

Industrial Automation

Xbee Comparison Sheet

Latest Newsletter

Super IP68 Rugged Smart Phone


Water Purification  Infusion Solutions

Raspberry Pi...and industrial I/O

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Linear and Rotary Measurement



Unimeasure Products

MasTec has distributed Unimeasure for many many years.

UniMeasure manufactures a broad line of flexible braided wire actuated linear position and linear velocity transducers. Often referred to as a string pot, a yo-yo pot, a draw wire transducer, a linear position transducer, or a cable extension transducer, the device has proven to be an attractive approach for a multitude of applications in many different industries.

With relatively non-critical alignment requirements, compact size, and ease of installation, wire actuated transducers are the linear position measurement system of choice in applications as diverse as bone densitometers in the medical industry, crash testing in the automobile industry, pump jacks in the crude oil extraction industry and irrigation and flood control in the water management industry.

With a variety of available electrical outputs that include uni or bipolar voltage, 4 to 20 mA current and Encoded digital, UniMeasure linear displacement transducer products provide an extremely cost effective method for linear position and velocity feedback.


Unimeasure Proeducts



Linear and Rotary Measurement

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition


Ethernet DAQ

Measurement Computing Products

MasTec has distributed MCCDAQ for many many years.


USB DAQ Products
Ethernet DAQ
Wireless DAQ - Read Bluetooth and Wifi DAQ


Temperature Measurement
Strain Measurement
GPIB or IEEE-488
Serial 232, 485
MCC Signal Conditioner

IOTech Conditioner #1 Conditioner #2

and now DT Products


Bluetooth and ANdroid DAQ

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition Software


Univext Langauge LIbrary

Univext Langauge LIbrary for LabVIEW

Measurement Computing Software Products

MasTec has distributed MCCDAQ for many many years.

Build systems in Standard Text Languages or .Net


plus Linux

Bluetooth DAQ
Android Libraries
Signal Processing Math Libraries

and much more

Universal Langauge LIbrary for Android

Linux Support



M2M, IOT,Industrial Wireless and Embedding

M2M, IOT,Industrial Wireless and Embedding

XBEE Format Devices


What is XBEE??? read

Digi 900 MHZ Aus and NZ models read

MasTec is interested to hear from engineers who have an interest in 900MHZ wireless systems.

You may have noticed that the NZ RF group have opened the 900MHZ band to now cover from 915 to 928MHz ( with some restrictions)
We have 900MHZ wireless ready to go

Contact a MasTec Engineer


Why is XBEE important??? read

XBEE Land Page - XBEE Cellular read

Digi International has several 900MHZ wireless technologies ready to go for the NZ market.

XBEE, Modem, M2M, Mesh and Long Distance
We are looking for clients who require OEM quantities of these products to make the RF Certification process feasible

Contact a MasTec Engineer

M2M, IOT,Industrial Wireless and Embedding

Rugged Tablets



New Win 10 Mesa 2™ Rugged Tablet

Juniper IP 68 Ultra-Rugged Tablets

Read More

The Only IP-68-Rated Win 10 Tablet Available

It's the ultimate tool for data collection. Running Microsoft® Windows® 10, the Mesa 2 was designed to boost productivity throughout every stage of the data collection process

Designed and built to be ultra-rugged to withstand any environmental conditions, the Mesa 2 will become your office, anywhere.

The Mesa 2 features the powerful Windows 10 operating system for versatile functionality. Its 7-inch multi-touch display is extra-large, and with Juniper Systems' proprietary IllumiView™ technology, visibility is easy in any lighting condition.

As the only IP-68-rated Windows 10 tablet available today, you can be assured of complete protection against water and dust, even when the port covers are off. And, it's all-day battery will keep working even when you're ready to call it quits. Should you run low on battery life, the hot-swap capability allows for 4 to 5 more hours of data collection time via the optional integrated battery.

Rugged Tablets

Ultrasonic Gauges

Mastec is the assigned Distributor for MaxBotix. They provide easy-to-use ultrasonic sensor for a wide variety of applications.

MaxBotix -- Ultrasonics

MaxBotix Inc., designs and manufactures ultrasonic sensors for a wide variety of applications and has been driving innovation in the ultrasonic sensor industry for 10 years.

All MaxBotics ultrasonic sensors are made in the USA and shipped worldwide from their 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Minnesota, USA.

Key Characteristics
Simple Mounting
Low Power Requirements
Select from Multiple Outputs
High Reading Stability
Calibrated Beam Patterns

Featured Applications
People Detection
Remote Bin Measurement
Automated Store Displays
Water Level Measurement
Parking Sensor

Selection Guide

Ultrasonic Gauges


3 phase Circuit Breaker


Reversing Contact / Starter


Magnetic Contactors   


Riken Products

Quality Magnetic Contactor manufacturer.

Riken Electric Co. Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers of protection and controlling
equipments for electrical application and electricity systems, based in Taiwan.

Riken was established in 1950. In the past 5 decades, thye have devoted themselves to manufacturing high-quality products.

Riken is an ISO-9001:2000 Quality Management System approved company and the products are also approved by UL, CSA, VDE CNS and CE.



Magnetic Contactors   




Thermal Overload Relays  



Thermal Overload Relays   Catalog

Star Delta Starter

Reversing Contact / Starter

Control Relay

Circuit Breaker

Mastec Books and Training

MasTec Projects

LabVIEW Books

LabVIEW Training

 MasTec Projects

Three LabVIEW Books
"Three Methods to program more effectively in LabVIEW"

Book 1 "Hidden Data", that is, cleaning up LV Program's by Removing Constants from Diagrams and putting them in Configuration Files for Loading at runtime.

The key structure used is a cluster that all the programs constants are placed inside and saving that cluster to a file.

This method does not use ini files but a far more robust LabVIEW centric method, not seen in other literature. It also cleans up Diagrams and Self Documents.

Book 2 "Abstraction", that is, removing complexity in the top layer of a LabVIEW diagram by building Abstracted Message Driven LV Components.

This shows how to build Message driven (Test Verbs) Abstracted named (noun) State Engine Components that are safe & robust. It also leads to better cohension of course and no/low coupling.

Book 3 "Real Time Cluster Constants Editor", that is, Removed Diagram Constants that are loaded at Run Time from a config file, can now be edited, in situ, inside the Program /or its Component while it runs, allowing tuning of programs in Real Time. Changes made to the Constants by the editor can also be saved back into their original configuration files at run time. This addition of the Real Time Editor removes the need to exit a component or program to edit constants.

All 3 books are expansive, yet very simple and this information is not often seen in other LabVIEW information at this detail.

Using these methods will simplify and establish design development plus stabilise your programs. It even make installs easier. Updating and expanding programs then follows a standard pattern already in the program design.

Also this method delineates Public and Private data clearly.

Once you have built a program using this LCOP method, if at any point you want to add or delete constants to any of your established components, maybe just add one more constant or truly expand the calibration to include a whole new sensor set or add more paths etc, all that is required is just expanding the type def for the constant data clusters and make the new entries. These entries can be any data type or grahical data type. Once this new type def cluster is saved, it will also automatically appear in the Constant Data Editor TAB Selector Open the Editor, enter your new data into the new constants and then save the new Cluster Constants.

So only one diagram programming step is required, adjusting the Type Def Cluster. Next time the program re/start, the expanded constant cluster with the new data will automatically appear in that section of the program. The wire from the configuration file read will now contain the new constants.

You do not have to add or change anything in the diagram to make this change or addition happen. The program automatically knows the shape and structure of the new cluster constant. This is acheived by using a local variable as the type on the Unflatten from string VI. That local variable used to give the shape to the data wire, is cloned from the Cluster Constant directly so will expand and contract automatically as changes in the cluster constants data and types are made.

To get your copy, send this email request to the MasTec LabVIEW Develop Laboratory in Northland NZ.

MasTec Training
"LabVIEW for Everyone"

MasTec recently under took a 4 day Training course for 15 Academics, (Professors and Grad Students), at one of Oceania's largest universities.

The focus was on getting students to the point where they can undetake projects by the end of the course. A big ask. However, the focus was not on how to use all the bits inside LabVIEW to make software but the development of strategies to allow projects to be undertaken.

The MasTec Instructor has trained all over the globe and has taught over 2000 students.

He will also come to your site and do training with your LabVIEW team, using traditional or these new LabVIEW methods MasTec has developed.

Keep up with MasTec's latest LabVIEW Notes

MasTec Projects

MasTec has several large projects on its books, spread out over about 3 years. There are gaps in this schedule.

MasTec is still undertaking new projects in legacy LV 6.1 /7.1 systems still running in Windows XP. Many sites still run XP for their LABs and Production areas.

Major new projects are still undetaken in LabVIEW 7.1 that run in Windows 7 32 Bit OS, very successfully. LabVIEW 7.1 is still (in our opinion) the best LabVIEW ever released. Fast, efficient and stable. Win 7 32 bit OS will be available for some time. Most large corporations are still running Win 7 due to its excellent stability and IT staffs familiarity and history.

However, other projects using from LabVIEW 2010 up to the present version of 2015 SP1, which is good, but very processor hungry and much slower to develop in. We only recommend I7s CPUs with this software with SSDs for the OS and LV.

Over the last year MasTec has completed 6 major projects in sites through out NZ. Several hundred hours of programming work has been completed, as well as many hundreds of hours of commissioning, site management, and installation.

All these projects involved LabVIEW at the core. However, many of these projects also include PACs, PLCs, Process Controllers, with peripherals like Servos, Actuators, VSDs, Water measurement and control, Hydraulic Control and other real world systems.

Announcement >>> Opportunity

The MD of MasTec has recently decided it is time to realign his life after 50 years of technology, to go horse riding with his wife and dogs Polly, Lilly and newly arrived Freddie.

If you have an interest in owning this important technology company, now is the time to act and start communcation for succession in early 2017.

Contact the Trustees

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