TrippLite has remained as one of MasTec's top Selling products since 1993

TrippLite >> Above is a TrippLite PDU >> Power Distribution Strip Unit for Server Racks

UPS,Medical UPS, Hot Swap UPS, Redundant UPS
PDUs - Inverter Power - USB Chargers
IT Accessories & Presentation Wands
Microsoft Surface Accessories
Huge range of quality products

Serious UPSs for Clouds and Server Farms
IT & Commercial Grade UPSs
Floor, Rack, Hot Swap, Redundant
Medical Grade UPSs
Medical Grade Transformers
Rack and Cabinet Strips

Sinewave and Quasi Sine Units
Commercial Inverter Chargers
Sinewave and Quasi Sine Units
Line Conditioners with AVR
High Performance Surge Protectors

Started business in 1922
Based in Chicago USA
2 million sq ft facility
Excellent Products
High Reliability -- Excellent Value

Projector Presentation Wands

Serial Servers

Wifi Serial Servers

USB Chargers

USB Chargers
4 Port Desk Top

UPS Monitoring
Many Devices > One Display


Wall Mount Network Switch Rack Cabinet

MasTec's largest products distribution
Thousands in Operation in Oceania
1 year Warranty
Distributed in NZ since 1993
Excellent Investment -- Long Life Products

Network Protectors

USB Cat 5 Extenders

Microsoft Surface Accessories
4K DIsplay and Ethernet

USB Chargers
16 Port in a Rack Mount

USB Chargers
48 Port in a Cabinet

KVM and Cables and Connectors
You Name it

Racks and Chassis

TrippLite UPS Software

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