Soltec since 1993

Redundant Expandable Hot Swap UPSs

UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch

UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch

Galvanic Isolated UPSs

Industrial Grade Galvanic Isolated UPSs

Laboratory Galvanic Isolated UPSs

 New DIN Rail UPS Galvanic Isolation Options

 A highly modular and efficient AHR UPS

Soltec UPSs and Power Products

This Newsletter is devoted to Soltec.

We are celebrating 15 years of Distribution with Soltec.

MasTec has hundreds of these UPSs, Inverters and Frequency Converters running in diverse environments, IT server farms, office, industrial and commercial. in Oceania not just NZ.

Soltec is a company that innovates slowly and carefully. In thelast 15 years they have set the standard for several products.

There AVR UPSs still hold the record for the largest high efficiency design in the market at 10Kwatts

This is a transformer based UPS with a 10Kwatts tapped transformer with low idling power and a huge AC input range. Design for rough conditions and long life.

There parralel expanding invert range has many system running at 1Mwatt or more.

MasTec stocks Soltec and can meet most calls for UPS from stock. We highly recommend these UPSs.

Since 1986, Soltec, an ISO9001 certified company, has been a reputable and leading designer and manufacturer of standard & tailored-made UPS, Frequency Converter and Inverters.

Soltec are CE and UL Compliment UPSs -

Super Efficient Line interactive UPSs
Low Frequensy Pure Sine On LIne UPSs
High Frequency High Efficient On Line UPSs
Home or Commercial Building UPSs that can manage giant battery banks
Pure Sine Totally Galvancially Isolated UPS with hundreds of KW output - Redundant also
Frequency Converters
Rectifiers ( Charger )
Static Transfer Switches
Accessory of UPS

Soltec is also a leading supplier of excellent Frequency Converters > choose 50, 60, 400 HZ in or out > both single or three phase models.

MasTec supplies to Oceania many of these Soltec frequency converters each year.

Typical applications are for converting NZ 230VAC 50 HZ power to USA 110VAC 60HZ or 230VAC 50HZ to 230 VAC 400HZ aircraft power or the other way around.

Almost all Soltec products can be ordered with an extra transformer to make the output Galvanically Isolated.

We have supplied models up to 20 KVA with these very heavy transformers. In Labs and some factory systems this is essential for stable operation of a Control system or IT system.

The large Industrial ALP UPSs are always galvanic isolated and are modular growing up to 200KV+

Galvanic Isolated UPSs

High Frequency Galvanic Isolated UPSs

High Frequency UPSs Galvanic Isolated options

  Galvanic Isolated Inverter

 Two Static Switch families up to 1000Amps
UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch

UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch