Power Newsletter #1
Aug 2017



Some of our Power Companies

All Power Products Continuing Companies By Category

Continuing Companies By Category

Power Newsletter for Sept 2017.

This is our first Dedicated Power Newsletter.

Welcome to Edition #1

Above 30+ companies Logos, almost all of our power companies. We will expand this as we can.

Some of these companies MasTec has been distributing for some time.

TrippLite since 1993
PowerCom since 1994
JST since 1995
Opto 22 since 1997
Alpha since 1997

All the Logos are Buttons to their specific pages

Each month we are plannng to highlite one company.

This month ITECH

AC/DC High Power Test Instruments

ITech will impress with their high power AC and DC Power Supplies, AC and DC Loads, Multi Station Battery Testers and High Power AC Power Sources.

A true Global Player with advanced Test Gear for the Power Test Industry.

You will know immediately if you need this company, in many cases it will be their products that tick all the boxes.

All programmable and excellent software with support.

Companies By Power Category




Medical and Laboratory Grade UPS

PDUs -- Power Distribution Units

USB Charging Stations

Racking and Cabinets


AC Power Line Conditioners & Surge






SLA Batteries


Inverters / Inverter Chargers




AC Motor Control and Phase Safety

AC Motor Control


Thyristor Control

AC Power Sources

Frequency Converters
Battery Testers


AC / DC High Power Supplies


AC / DC SSR Control


Transformers & Variacs


Single Phase to Three Phase Converters

Lighting Control


AC Power Loggers

AC Power Measurement

Huge Range

World Leading Companies

Medical and Lab Grade UPSs

Broadest selection in Oceanie

Medical Grade UPS, Line Conditioners


Electronic and Computer Isolated Conditioners

Standard Isolated

Ground Guards


  Medical Grade UL60601 and IEC60601

 Hardwired Isolated Conditioners

 OEM Low Impedance Isolated Conditioners

 Three Phase Isolated Conditioners

  Comms Connectivity Protection

Network Connectivity Protection

Medical Grade UPSs

PowerVAR Ametek

An impressive line up of products and technology

Ametek is a Global company with sales of $3.6 billion.

AMETEK Powervar Celebrates 30 years of power quality this year.

All AMETEK Powervar products are built around a philosophy called

"The ABC’s of Power Conditioning".

Each of their products incorporates the function of -

A low impedance isolation transformer

A power line noise filter

A high energy surge diverter

These three elements are the core of Powervar’s power quality solutions.

When applications require uninterruptible power, voltage regulation, harmonic mitigation or other protection necessities, their product solutions are based on The ABC’s of Power Conditioning to meet all of your system’s protection requirements.




Local Area Power Center >> Retail Check Outs

Mobile Power Manager (MPM)

Extended Runtime online double conversion UPS

3 Phase Extended Runtime online double conversion UPS


Sinewave Isolated Rack UPS/UPM

Medical Grade UPM UL60601/IEC60601 3rd Edition.


Uninterruptible Isolated Power Manager


Uninterruptible Isolated Ravk Power Manager

 Ground Management Network UPM

 High crest factors & current inrush peripherals UPS

 Mission critical devices UPS + Medical

 Facility Power Management

 Facility Power Management Software
Medical Grage Conditioners

Medical Grage UPS/UPMs

Line Conditioning

Medical Grade UPSs

Power Conditioning

Indusrtrial Surge Protection with filters

Line Conditioner Surge Protection with filters

2000W Line Conditioner Surge Protection + filters


  Network Protection

Medical Grade UPSs


 TrippLite Medical and Protection Products

TrippLite has been making Medical Grade UPSs for many years. We have many installed in NZ and Australia.

The heart of their designs is Medical Grade Isolated Transformers that make the UPSs UL60601/IEC60601 compliant.

For the 230 VAC market they have three UPSs, 350, 700 and 1000 VA units.

They also make mobile medical power systems for trolleys using medical grade Inverters/UPSs and chargeable battery packs.

When it comes to Surge Protection and Line Conditioners, TrippLite has many models.

The Euro 4 Industrial/IT Surge bar has sales of 20 million world wide and is tough with Filters, MOVs and Breaker.

TrippLite Line conditioners go one step furter with an automatic voltage switching transformer to keep power in a useable band even in brown outs or extrem over voltage.

We are also announcing TrippLItes new high Power UPS, with redundancy, hot swap, scaelable models, their most technical UPSs to date.

Medical Grade UPSs

OmniSmart 230V 350VA 225W
CE/IEC 60601-1 Medical Grade Line-Interactive UPS Built-In Isolation Transformer

Medical Grade UPSs

350 VA Mobile Medical Isolated Power

SmartPro 230V 700VA 450W
Medical-Grade Line-Interactive Tower UPS
6 Outlets, Full Isolation, USB, DB9

 Medical Grade UPSs

SmartPro 230V 1kVA 750W
Medical-Grade Line-Interactive Tower UPS
6 Outlets, Full Isolation, Expandable Runtime

  Medical Grade UPSs
Medical Grage UPSs

Medical Grage UPSs

UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch

UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch

Galvanic Isolated UPSs

Industrial Grade Galvanic Isolated UPSs

Laboratory Galvanic Isolated UPSs

 New DIN Rail UPS Galvanic Isolation Options

Laboratory Grade UPSs
Galvanic Isolated UPSs


 The Soltec UPS Products

Frequency Converters
Rectifiers ( Charger )
Static Transfer Switches
Accessory of UPS

Almost all Soltec products can be had with an extra transformer to make the output Galvanically Isolated.

We have units installed in NZ, Aus and the Pacific

We have supplied models up to 20 KVA with these very heavy transformers. In Labs and some factory systems this is essential for stable operation of a Control system or IT system.

The large Industrial ALP UPSs are always galvanic isolated and are modular growing up to 200KV+

At thios time we are also annoucing three new Soltec Products.

A NEW highly modular and efficient AHR UPS

Two Static Switch families up to 1000Amps

Galvanic Isolated UPSs

High Frequency Galvanic Isolated UPSs

High Frequency UPSs Galvanic Isolated options

  Galvanic Isolated Inverter
UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch

UPS, Inverter, Frequency Converter, Rectifiers, Static Switch

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