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Welcome to MasTec's eNewsletter
Sept- Oct 2016
Since 1989

MasTec continues to gain Distribution from leading High Tech manufacturers

Recent additions >> General Tools, DPM, Dwyer, Meriam, >> our newest is ORing

Just a quick announcemnt from Digi >> XBEE Cellular LTE

Manufacturer's Focus >>> GW Instek

GW Instek has been an instrument maker for many years and is Asia's mature manufacturer, not a "johnny come lately"

GW Instek focus is on T&M, ATE, R&D, Bench Test, Field Technicans, Appliance Testing and Conformance Testing Systems. Check them out, excellent product and value.


Newest Product >> Precison Power Supply

The brand new GSP-9330, a high test speed spectrum analyzer with 3.25 GHz, provides the fastest 204 µs sweep speed. Users, via high speed sweep time, can easily handle and analyze modulation signals.

GW Instek launches the new PEL-3000E series programmable single-channel electronic load. In the series, PEL-3031E provides 300W (1V~150V/60A) current sink capability. Inherited from the PEL-3000 series,

GW Instek rolls out the new AFG-3000 series arbitrary function generators, including 20MHz/30MHz single channel and dual channel models

Two Free LabVIEW Books

"Two Methods to program more effectively in LabVIEW"

Book 1 "Hidden Data", that is, cleaning up LV Program's by Removing Constants from Diagrams and putting them in Configuration Files for Loading at runtime.

This method does not use ini files but a far more robust LabVIEW centric method not seen in other literature.

It cleans up Diagrams and also self documents.

Book 2 "Abstraction", that is, removing complexity in the top layer of a LabVIEW diagram by building Abstracted Message Driven LV Components.

This shows how to build Message driven (Test Verbs) Abstracted Components that are safe and robust.

It also leads to better cohension of course and no Coupling.

Both books are expansive, yet simple and this information is not often seen in other LabVIEW information.

Using these methods will simplify design and development plus stabilise your programs and it even make installs easier.

Updating and expanding then follows a standard pattern already in the program design.

These methods delineate Public and Private data clearly.

To get your copy, send this email request to the MasTec LabVIEW Develop Laboratory in Northland NZ.

Our instructor will also cone to your site and do training with your LabVIEW team using these new methods.

LabVIEW Coaching on
MasTec's New Programming Techniques

Contact a
MasTec Engineer

Custom LabVIEW Development
+ LabVIEW Code Upgrading -

Contact a
MasTec Engineer

Custom DAQ - PAC - PLC - DIO
Hardware Development

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MasTec Engineer


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OPTO 22 Blog
Awesome Loggers

LV 2016 Support with UG Ulx drivers Read

Ethernet eight channels 24 bit TCs Read

Industrial Rugged Network Switches read

New 3.5" Compact Gen 6 CPU / Stackable IO read

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Instrumentation Web Site

Siglent - Dwyer - GW Instek
Fluke - Extech - Testo - Rigol

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Opto 22 IOT

GSM Loggers

High Speed Digital IO Read

Open-source Linux drivers most USB & PCI Read

Industrial Rugged Rack Fiber Media Converterss read

New Network Security read

Awesome new Win CE 7 PACs

Power Product Web Site

TrippLite - Soltec
PowerVAR - PowerCom

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M2M, IOT,Industrial Wireless and Embedding

XBEE Format Devices


What is XBEE??? read

Digi 900 MHZ Aus and NZ models read

MasTec is interested to hear from engineers who have an interest in 900MHZ wireless systems.

You may have noticed that the NZ RF group have opened the 900MHZ band to now cover from 915 to 928MHz ( with some restrictions)
We have 900MHZ wireless ready to go

Contact a MasTec Engineer


Why is XBEE important??? read

XBEE Land Page - XBEE Cellular read

Digi International has several 900MHZ wireless technologies ready to go for the NZ market.

XBEE, Modem, M2M, Mesh and Long Distance
We are looking for clients who require OEM quantities of these products to make the RF Certification process feasible

Contact a MasTec Engineer

Corporate USB Charging Centers

Personal USB Charging Centers

The TrippLite Corporate USB Chargers

TrippLite makes a broad range of USB Charging Products

Their largest system is a 48 Device Charger designed for corporate use with Android, IOS and Win Technology Smart Phones and Tablets

These USB Charging Cabinets have air flow control to protect devices under charge.


Rack mounted USB Chargers for inside IT Cabinets.

Advantages are airconditioned environments are perfect for charging large numbers of devices

The TrippLite Personal USB Chargers

If you are mobile and on site there is nothing worse than running out of battery on the Smart Phone or Tablet.

Tripplite has this covered with their combo pack with two cables and an extended runtime battery pack in one unit.

Charge and Run two devices at a time.

Car and Van chargers with two outlets a "His and Hers".

And for the desktop at home in the home office a multiport charger.

Single and Three Phase UPSs

Medical Grade UPSs

The TrippLite UPSs

TrippLite is our largest selling product range at present

TrippLite made the first UPS for PCs in the 1980's.

They are still the # 1 UPS small to medium size UPS company in the USA. They have held that status since the 1990s.

MasTec started selling TrippLite in 1993 and has thousands of units running in Oceania.

MasTec stocks a range of UPSs in NZ.

While TrippLite is well known for UPSs they are less so for PDUs, Power Distribution Units for use in Rack Systems for Server and cloud farms.

However TrippLite is a leader in this area also both with Three Phase PDUs down to smaller single phase units.

In addition many of these units allow hot swapping of systems when servicing. Almost all are controllable and report power usage and other critical information

The TrippLite Medical Grade UPSs

The TrippLite Medical Grade UPS is now the defacto UPS used in hospitals and medical sites in NZ and Australia.

They are also used extensively for free range medical equipment when patients move around in care services.

Models for 230/240 VAC systems.

Models for Medical Use include

Provides Ideal UPS Backup in Healthcare Facilities
Compliant with UL 60601-1 standards for use in patient-care vicinities, when plugged into a hospital-grade outlet

Built-in isolation transformer with Faraday shield offers full isolation and removes common mode noise.

Health Care Brochure pdf Download

Health Care Medical pdf Download

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