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Welcome to our MasTec Newsletter for January 2016

This month we are showing off Digi, one of our leading suppliers, Digi International is an innovator in many important technologies.

MasTec has been invloved with Digi products since 1991, and in those 25 years we have had great success with this Digi Technology.

Digi continues to innovate and in fact it is sharpening its focus very much on emerging new technologies that will become the standard very soon.

The eNewsletter's highlite is the release of the Digi industry leading WR31 DIN rail and cabinet mount Industrial grade Wireless Router, now part of the WR Router Family Series.

-- The WR series is the industries most extensive Wireless Router Set for Industrial and Commercial high security systems.

Digi products fundamentally linking multiple wireless systems together to the IOT for unattended and secure monitoring, controlling and alarming.

These wireless technologies cover many types of routers and speciality gateway routers that link to Digi sensor wirless like mesh, sleeping mesh, point to point, point to multi point, direct long distance point to point using a great variety of free to air frequencies.

These sensor wirless system like Zigbee and Digi Mesh use 2.4GHz, european longer distance is 868MHz, and in most of the world long distance 900 MHz. In NZ our long distance offering for 2016 includes the new 900 MHz range that will push data over distances measured in 10s of kilometers rather than sub kilometers.

Digi have a very unique physical form factor module called XBEE that allows same pin out solutions across all these frequencies and technologies.

To bring all these wireless connections together requires gateways and speciality Routers. Digi routers are programmable in Python and offer great levels of security and a large range of protocols, with IO, Dual SIMs and much more. They inherantly know IOT also.

Digi is the leader in IOT connections for this type of technology.

In NZ we see the several vertical areas taking advantage of this technology more into the future. Horticulture, Signage, Energy, Farming, Cool and Cold Storage plus Transport.

Talk to Loyal about your dreams or concrete plans for using this technology.

A lot of the Digi Layers of Technology link together without a great deal of programming, much has been done for you. (many years). as an example of help -- Have a look at this Digi software / hardware tool set the Remote Device Manager.

So please talk to us and do take take advantage of this, it will get you to market more rapidly with the solution you need.

A newly launched Website for Power Back Products. Over the 2016 year this site will expand with new products. About Power Backup

New products available from Test Equipment

0221 (TEST NZ) 8378 69

Digi TransPort® WR31 Industrial LTE Router

 WR31  Now Shipping
 WR31  Quick Start Guide
 WR31  Overview
 WR31-HSPA+ Global  (850/900/1700 /1900/2100MHz) link
 4G LTE International (800/850/900/1800 /1900/2100/2600MHz) link

 Digi YouTube  Channel
 WR31  Preview
 Digi Remote Manager  Security & Compliance
 Digi Remote Manager Device Health Dashboard
 Digi Remote Manager  Adding Your First Device
 Using Remote Manager  On a Private Network

Over 40 Temperature Measurment Solutions

• Ethernet
• Stand-Alone Loggers
• Wireless

Superb Temperature Measurement


Custom DAQ - PAC - PLC - DIO
Hardware Development

Contact a
MasTec Engineer

LabVIEW Coaching

Contact a
MasTec Engineer

Digi TransPort® WR31 Industrial LTE Router

 Manufacturing  Automation
 Intelligent transportation Overview
 Oil & Gas  Overview
 WR31 Analog-Digital IO Guide
 C&I Metering  Info
 Distribution Automation  Guide
 +WR11 new Dec 2015  Preview
 Configuring a VPN  Method
 Configuring a Firewall  Method
 Using the Event Log  and Packet Analyser
 Securing LTE Network Devices  within a critical infrastructure environment


Custom LabVIEW Development
+LabVIEW Code Upgrading-

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MasTec Engineer


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Scopes and PSUs

MasTec is the assigned Distributor for Haitronics

Scopes and Power Supplies


Haitronics Scopes

USB Box Scopes

Handheld Mini - Tablet- PDA Scopes

Scope Probes

Haitronics Power Supplies

Huge Range of output Voltages (10-120VDC)

and Currents ( 1 -15A)

Single Output - Dual Output

Level - Constant current and voltage

© MasTec Ltd  

Product Just Launched
© MasTec Ltd  

Product Just Launched

Frame and Inverter gensets

MasTec is the assigned Distributor for Winmate

Winmate Rugged Vehicle Computers

The FM10 – 10.4" Vehicle Mount computer operates on a 1.91GHz Intel Atom E3845 and the full Windows OS. The device features a GFG resistive touch screen with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. The FM10 is designed for applications that primarily rely on touch input on a large display, but also require access to readily accessible programmable function keys. The FM10 delivers flexibility and mobility in a vehicle-mount form factor, designed to easily be removed from the dock with a one-click top latch. Since the dock remains attached to the vehicle, this device can easily be moved or switched from one vehicle to another vehicle.

Highlighted Features:

•Compact design provides greater visibility to drivers improving safety
•Quick mounting simplifies installation, service, and switching between vehicles
•The field-replaceable front panel enables users to work uninterrupted, while reducing service cost and preventing productivity loss
•Internal backup battery enables the VMC to be swapped seamlessly to another dock
•Vibration and shock proof design ensure reliable performance

Product Just Launched
© MasTec Ltd  

Product Just Launched

© MasTec Ltd  

Frame and Inverter gensets

Very Portable, Very Reliable, Very Efficient


Two Basic Genset Types Frame & Inverter

Frame Models Standard AC Genset 2.2kVA to 9KVA

Inverter Models for sensitive Electronics 1kVA to 7KVA

Framed -- Commercial quality, rugged & durable
8.3 amp/12 volt DC, AC output 2.2 to 9KVA
Reduced noise with large muffler 97dB(A)
Large capacity fuel tanks
Long Runtimes Hours
Compact Dimensions
Low Dry Weights
Famous Honda Efficient Engines
Engine protection with AC/DC circuit breakers & oil alert
Recoil Start
Full Frame for easy transportation

Inverter - Superior performance in small packages
8 amp/12 volt DC, AC Output 1 - 7KVA
Whisper quiet operation
Larger Fuel Tank Capacity
Continuous Operating Hours (on eco throttle) up to 15 hrs
Small Dimensions
Very Lighweight
Famous Honda Efficient Engines
Engine is protected via low oil alert system
Carry Handle for easy transportation
Recoil Start
Ideal for home, leisure & professional electronic devices

Talk to the Honda Product Manager >> Rhane Yasis

© MasTec Ltd  

© MasTec Ltd  

Tiny Transportation Loggers

Auto Zeroing Micromanometers

One of the best micromanometers ever made.

MasTec has used these DPM Micromanometers in Systems since 1993. They are superb instruments


World Leading Micromanometers since 1983

Metric and Imperilal Measurements


Differential Pressure



Log and Download software

Complete HVAC Kits


Talk to the DPM Product Manager >> Rhane Yasis

© MasTec Ltd  

© MasTec Ltd  

Frame and Inverter gensets

MasTec is the assigned Distributor for MaxBotix

MaxBotix -- Ultrasonics

MaxBotix Inc., designs and manufactures ultrasonic sensors for a wide variety of applications and has been driving innovation in the ultrasonic sensor industry for 10 years.

All MaxBotics ultrasonic sensors are made in the USA and shipped worldwide from their 22,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Minnesota, USA.

Key Characteristics
Simple Mounting
Low Power Requirements
Select from Multiple Outputs
High Reading Stability
Calibrated Beam Patterns

Featured Applications
People Detection
Remote Bin Measurement
Automated Store Displays
Water Level Measurement
Parking Sensor

Selection Guide

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