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Welcome to our MasTec Newsletter for September 2015

Some great articles below to read over this month.
Digi + NASA Space articles and more

Test Equipment NZ is another MasTec Division, focusing on Test Instruments and Accessories

The site is being developed and expanded. You will find a huge range of product from almost all the major Test Equipment Manufacturers

On this site you will find additional products, that may be useful when building systems.

Talk to Rhane about Test Equipment Products,

0221 (TEST NZ) 8378 69

Last month we introduced Rural Tech another MasTec Division, focusing on the use of Technology in Rural Settings:- Dairy Vats, Produce Storage - Freezers and Chillers, Horticulture Cool Stores, Greenhouses, Growth Chambers, Farm Gate - Door - Building Access and Security, Food Safety, Wireless Data collection and Rugged Tablets and Video Surveillance

Talk to Rhane about Rural Tech Products,

She will email a pdf catalog to look over.

MasTec continues to obtain world class distribution.

DPM is a world leader in Micromanometers.

These products measure Pressure, Differential pressure, Airflow for Laboratory, Test and the HVAC Industry


Next month a separate newsletter for RuralTech will be launched with new distribution announcements

Newsletters and Front Pages archive link

The new Digi Grove to XBEE kit

XBEE to Grove Sensors Interest

XBEE Modules and NASA Interest

Bluetooth DAQ Video Interest

Build HMIs view on any Smart Device Interest

National Geographic Teams Tablets and GPS Interest


LabVIEW Development & Code Upgrading- Link

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MasTec Engineer


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More on the Grove Development Board

Grove Modules Interest

ConnectPort TS 8 /16 Interest

Bluetooth DAQ + Android Tablet Bundle Interest

Master Distributor Raspberry Pi and Anduino Interest

A little Piece of NZ Showing Up Interest


Hardware Development for LabVIEW - Link

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MasTec Enginee


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Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

Tiny Transportation Loggers

Auto Zeroing Micromanometers


World Leading Micromanometers since 1983

Metric and Imperilal Measurements


Differential Pressure



Log and Download software

Complete HVAC Kits


Talk to the DPM Product Manager >> Rhane Yasis

© MasTec Ltd  

Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

© MasTec Ltd  

Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

Some activity
XBEE and Grove

Digi Media Coverage

IoT Tech Goes to Space - IoT Evolution

Wireless in Space -
Wireless Design Mag

Wireless Networks in Space -
Connected World

Wireless in Space Test -
Enterprise Tech

Syndication on the Arduino and Atmel blogs

Arduino blog post about XBees in Space has more than 2,100 social media shares.

The project was featured on
Atmel's blog and shared through their social networks - more than 2,700 times.

Other Interesting Articles

M2M Now - Will our cities be smart? That depends on what it means to yours

IoT Journal - IoT Lights Up Streets With Smart City Initiative

Mobile Enterprise - Strategic Digi International Partnerships Enable Smart City Solutions

Environmental Leader - Digi Technology Enables Smart Cities Worldwide

Customer Successes

Digi International Brings Wireless Innovation to Public Transit - featuring SEPTA, Visalia Transit, EMTEST, and OEM Technology Solutions

Digi International Enabling Smart City Solutions Worldwide - featuring AddÉnergie, CIMCON Software, Bigbelly Solar, and Tel-O-Fun.

Other Interesting Articles

Furuno Selects Digi International for its Next-Generation Marine Navigation Systems
M2M Now - Marine navigation equipment provider Furuno selects Digi International for next-generation systems

World Fishing & Aquaculture - Digi selected for Furuno navigation systems (Germany) (Germany) (Germany) (Germany) (France) (France) (France)
CeChina (China)
GongKong (China)
IoT World (China)


Announcements from Etherios:

Etherios and Coveo Announce Strategic Alliance

Etherios and SteelBrick Announce Strategic Alliance
to Deliver Next-Generation CPQ Applications

Etherios Launches Etherios Evolve

Customer Success Stories


Talk to the Product Manager >> Loyal Noronha

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Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Bluetooth Transport Loggers

Tiny large memory Loggers

The TrippLite Inverter Chargers

MasTec sold its first TrippLite inverter charger in 1993. It is still running.

If you want to make long battery backed up Power systems, say for IT systems, your Radio Station or maybe your Whole Office or Home, then MasTec can help.

We recommend TrippLite as the Inverter Charger for these types of systems. They are not optimal for Solar Alternative Power but they have the best price to performance ratio for Commercial, Residential or Industrial locations that normally are powered by AC Mains supplies.

TrippLite systems all have excellent overload characteristics for starting motors, pumps, refrig, microwaves etc

They have large chargers also for bringing back the battery bank quickly and safely when the mains returns.

MasTec also can provide those large SLA batteries for such a system. We recommend 2V cells in series to build the right size one string bank.

This is the most efficient and longest lasting battery configuration method.

We do not recommend Lthium battery banks yet as the prices are too high and there are issues that need addressing in this market. Lithium is impossible to recycle at present. On the other hand Lead Acid SLA batteries recycle easily.

An example - 2012SW Pure Sine Inverter/Charger

PowerVerter APS INT 2000W 12VDC 230V Inverter/Charger with Pure Sine Wave Output, Hardwired

Looking to reproduce wall power from a battery source without any power interference?

Are you using a vehicle battery or separate battery bank to supply power in remote locations or work environments where wall power / shore power is not available?

With reliable 230V AC power, Pure Sine Wave output and the ability to charge batteries, the Tripp Lite APSX2012SW is your answer.

12V DC or 230V AC input; 230V, 50 Hz output (hardwired)
2000 watts continuous output, 4000 watts peak output

Selectable 6/60 amp wet/dry cell battery charger

Pure sine wave output - Seamless transfer switching

Quiet, high efficiency operation, high surge capacity and low idle current

Talk to the Product Manager >> Taran

Product Launched July 2015  

Product Launched July 2015  

Product Launched July 2015  

© MasTec Ltd  

Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

3G Video to Smart Phone or Tablet

T20 Wireless Temperature & Humidity Alarm & Logger

 General Technical Info for the Video Monitor and Alarm

Motion Sensor Alarm Triggers

On Alarm SMS Alarm Txt

Dial in to see video and listen or talk to remote site

2 video inputs

3G Phones make video call to the camera to get live scene

Micro SD 2GB supports 10 phone #s

SMS Alarms + Control + Outputs +Audio


Video Secuirty to your Smart Phone

Talk to remote site and/or listen

Plus control access points, doors, gates etc


All CWT Products - A Power Failure SMS Alarm also

T20 Temperature & Humidity Logger

SMS Alarms

Wifi Real time Monitoring


Food Safety

Freezer / Chiller

Dairy Vat Chiller

Growth Chambers / Storage / Cool Store

IT Room Monitoring

++ Add Wireless & Local Control to your sites

with interlocks to T20's Relays

No Programming, just configure.

Your Application ??

Talk to the Product Manager >> Loyal Noronha

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Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

ODM/OEM Purchases      All Prices are exclusive of NZ GST  Spot Buying

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