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May 2015  


Category Focus

  • Electro Hydraulics
  • Marine Power
  • Mobile Power
  • Emergency Power
  • Alternative Power
  • Inverters
  • Inverter Chargers
  • Chargers
  • 1>3 Phase Systems
  • Frequency Converters
  • AC Power Sources

Electro Hydraulics + Valves

Marine Power

Marine Stabilisers

Marine Control

 Marine Lighting
Mobile Power & Emergency Power

Alternative Power



Eco Inverters

Single to Three

Phase Power


AC Frequency Converters

AC Power


Canbus Controllers

Marine Chargers

Inverter Chargers

Frequency Converters

Welcome to our Newsletter for May 2015

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This month our Product Categories Focus:-

  • Electro Hydraulic
  • Marine Power and Lighting
  • Mobile Power
  • Emergency Power
  • Alternative Power
  • 1>3 Phase Converters for motors
  • AC Frequency Converters
  • AC Power Sources

Quite a diverse group of categories

Another 15 companies with excellent products.

MasTec has a lot of experience with these technologies and products.

High Lite for the month

Fastec 1>3 Phase Motor Starter and Drive unit.

We know we will have extensive customers in the coming years who will need to use this amazing NZ invented product.

The Fastec unit is a single phase to three phase motor starter and motor driver unit. Light weight, superbly energy efficient and quiet, plus low installation costs + reasonable pricing.

The Fastec unit does not draw a huge surge of current from the single phase supply when the three phase motor starts, hence it can be called a softer starter.

How useful is this product. Well start counting the situations where this will be needed.

In fact email MasTec with your ideas. I have about 15 distinct tasks that I will list in the next months newsletter on the FasTec usages.

The best entry gets a free Lite Commercial 1000VA UPS.

Looking at the Categories

Electro - Hydraulics is a growing field. It use to be home spun solutions from clever engineers linking electronics to proportional valves to put on special equipment. Now it is CanBus driven technology, just like the auto, truck and bus industry. There is still a lot of very special gear require to make diggers, log cutters, bulldozers etc do what is required. Our main focus with these products is the logging industry and earth moving but now we are moving towards Farm machines that needs automating.

Marine Power and Lighting is an area MasTec has been involved in for many years, working in the super yacht and very expensive fishing boats. Either power systems, control systems or lighting.

Mobile Power and Emergency Power are similar as they use the same technologies. Mobile Power covers marine, motor home, caravan, vans, trucks, campers all need 230 VAC to run appliances. Usually an inverter charger is installed with a house battery pack to provide a few hours of low wattage power.

Emergency Power is in a slightly larger scope. UPSs are emergency power systems. However if you want to drive a whole buildings AC power requirements in emergecies you will need something quite special. These are called Home or Building UPSs, another term for a large special design inverter charger with a large AC output ability and equally large charger to bring the batteries back after discharge. These units are often driven by Gensets when the emergency time becomes prolonged. Power back up can be for Lights, IT systems, Telecoms, Entertainment, Refrig, Air cons, making cups of tea and running the microwave etc. All these can be large loads and they sometimes require a truck load of batteries to provide the power.

Alternative Power is a good name as most power comes from the ubiquitous AC mains services. If you want to get off this, often called getting off the grid, there are several ways to make power. Diesel Gensets are very low priced and cheap to run. However noisey and smelly. Everyone seems to have gone solar and dropped wind and hydro systems as to hard or needing a lot of service. Solar is it and very low cost now. Our experience with Solar is quite extensive now and it is very easy to install a system to run a house and office for low dollars with good pay back times. Still not quite as good as the Grid but still viable. You need Solar panels, Solar chargers, Inverter charger adn a big battery bank, preferrably SLAs not wet batteries as you will be filling them regularly if wet. Some breakers, some cabling, some brackets, an earth adn you are away. We recommend a qualified sparkie to do the install to get it clear with council. You will need to get approvals also with some designs.

What MasTec has learnt from their customers sites may be of help to you. Here are some examples for you.

Are you looking at AC Power Frequency Converters for a project. From experience, we know Soltec make exceedingly well engineered units. NZ's largest aircraft company uses these extensively for testing their avionics. That means they convert three phase 50Hz to three phase 400Hz. Units can make 50>60, 50>400, 400>50, 400>60 and 60>50 Hz. They willl also make 230 to 115 phases if needed.

If you are building Super Yachts ( or similar) do you need to regulate the AC Power from the power systems large three phase Alternators. We know from experience that Belotti's AC Servo Regulators work extremely well.

MasTec has a Research site for Alternative Power Systems. It has been running now for 8 years. From this systems operation we have learnt a lot. Products not to use and some products that are very good.

For example. Solar panels connected to EP Solar's MPPT chargers, produce a lot of extra energy compared to other solar chargers we have used. Therefore we recommend EP Solar to everyone with solar panels.

Also recently on the same site, the main inverter charger failed ( 3000 watt unit made in Switzerland ) and we replaced it with a 1500 watt Asian Electron Inverter as a spare. The little 1500 watt unit powered up a fridge and freezer at the site at the same time ( intital turn on ) and then power up a 600 watt water pump and also started driving the sites other appliances, sometimes running all appliances at the same time with loads well in excess of 1000watts average. The start surges would be large in this case. This is near miraculous if you have ever had anything to do with starting fridge compressors and water pumps at the same time etc.

We recommend Asian Electron.

The same site has a genset connected to an aux battery unit via an Asian Electron charger. This charger takes nasty chinese genset AC power and makes 28 amps @ 28.8 VDC and has done this for 6 years when ever required.

The same research site also has a 1500 watt Quasi Inverter attached to one of the 4WD trucks on site for powering tools, Skill Saws, Drills, Side Grinders etc. It has done this now for the last 10 years and never blown a fuse, or not worked.

It is because of this experience we recommend Asian Electron products just naturally.

Please do not get fooled into buying low cost inverter and charger units that won't perfom like these products do.

Another experience. I gave as a present to my brother in Australia about 20 years ago now, a TrippLite Lite Industrial grade1200 watt 12 VDC Inverter. He put it in his boat ( 34 footer ) and every weekend ( almost ) him and his wife have anchored somewhere and made toast powered off this inverter. The toaster is a 2000 watt toaster. Apparently, the unit is all rusty from the salt air but it is still making toast.

We recommend TrippLite because of this story and the other 5,000 UPSs that are running in Oceania that are TrippLite. I have a heap of spare parts for those UPSs, but I can't recall when I use any of them. (years and years ago)

Moving on from the stories to current news. MasTec was present at the latest MobileTech 2015 Expo and presented a pptx on IOT.

Would you like a copy.

The Internet of Things is based mainly on Wireless Endpoints sending data back via connectivity routers, gateways etc to a Cloud system that has a wide variety of SaaS Tools, Templates etc to Display Data, Manage Alarms etc.

MasTec has the largest USA player in this market sector, Digi, with IOT programless solutions from End points to Gateways, to Routers, to Servers and to the Cloud services. + Productivity Tools and Smart Device Templates

They even have an IOT Development kit to ease the start up.

Digi has just rebranded their IOT Cloud to Digi Device Cloud.

If you are interested in IOT please look at these links also, they will shake your mind a little.
Remote Manager and XBEE ZigBee Cloud Kit

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