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Welcome to our Newsletter for March 2015

I would like to mention that all the previous monthly newsletters and monthly front pages are available from the web archive link

This month our Product Category Focus is:

UPSs - Three phase, Single Phase, Line Interactive, On LIne, Parallel, Redundant, Long Runtime, Hot Swap, Medical and Industrial types.
+ PDUs, Medical Conditioners, KVM, IT Energy Usage, Cloud & Servers Room Racking ( Huge range)
+ Software and Hardware Accessories.

MasTec has been marketing and selling UPSs since 1992, starting with TrippLite and over the years adding many other world class companies power products.

If you are looking for UPSs, we have the largest UPS, PDU, AC Power Conditioner, UPS Accessories- software & hardware selection in Oceania.

Our pricing is also very competitive.

UPSs - Most major manufacturers

For those new to UPSs, they come in great variety of types to meet a broad market need.

As you click into the various manufacturers logos to the right and above, you will see many product commonality and sometimes something very different or special.

However, in general with out getting too technical UPSs, Uninterruptible Power Supplies make AC power when the AC mains power fails or it is turned off.

To match your systems to a UPS you need to know several key points.

A system can be any AC powered device, PCs, PLCs, PACs, Displays, Controllers or a suite of servers etc

  • Wattage / VA of load
  • Type of load = many types
  • Run time required on Battery Backup
  • Pure Sinewave or is Quasi wave suitable
  • How critical is this load
  • Service methods required
  • Is it a green power site
  • Is there software control of the UPS
  • Does the site require Remote Access
  • Is the site a medical power site
  • Does the site require isolation
  • And many more questions

For most single PC users, questions 1, 2, 3, 4 will bring up several suitable UPSs.

At that point it is often pricing and availability that decide the choice.

However if you are powering a room of computers with a server or two in the mix, then a broader strategic discussion is required.

Some sites are very critical and cannot go down and this requires a lot more technology to achieve and usually a lot more money.

If the site is Medical then you are in a different ball game as it becomes a matter of, does the UPS meet Medical Certification for Leakage Currents etc. There are world stanadards.

Some site are very sensitive to electrical disturbance and require an Isolation on line pure sinewave UPS.

For super critical sites that require immediate serviceability, then a hotswap, scaleable UPS with maybe a parallel redundant identical UPS plus a fast acting bypass switch to keep power alive if all that other technology fails. Phew.

Then consider, do I need a Diesel Genset to get me through prolonged power outages rather than purchasing a giant battery bank. Note both gensets and big batteries have technical problems that can only be solved with a vigilant design and then a good service team.

MasTec's UPS sites

Our UPSs power some of the dirtiest and most rugged industrial sites in NZ. These sites also have critical sections in them. We meet these requirements with our various manufacturer's UPS models.

At present we have sold in excess of 20K UPS into the NZ,Aus, Oceania market, ranging from little 300VA units right up to Hot Swap, Scaleable, Redundant large VA UPSs

Talk to us about your site and technical needs.

We stock from 600VA to 10KVA UPSs. Anything larger is usually involved in a longer decision cycle and can be shipped from the factory.

MasTec also repair their UPSs in house. Not that this happens very often as the reliability of these units is high. We can also arrange for electricans to come to site for service.

Somethings not to do with UPSs

When you receive the UPS, do not connect it up and see if it works on the batteries for a prolonged time. Let the batteries charge before putting in service.

Please do not put your UPSs in cupboards, they will get hot. Yes, you would be surprised.

We have had two sites put 10 and 20KVA on line UPSs in steel boxes to keep the dirty industrial environment away from the UPS but they forgot to ventilate sufficiently to stop the UPS getting very hot.

For best results move the UPS out of the dirty environment to a clean room with ventilation and hard wire to the power site, using a standard AC Breaker box and NZ Grade AC power cabling. Mark the UPS power power outlet with a colour so everyone know this is UPS power and will not plug in a vacuum cleaner
Better still hardwire the device to the UPS so no one can get at the UPS power and destroy its ability to do its job.

Battery Service Work

This is the weakest link in a UPS System and needs a good service strategy to keep the UPS capablility up to meet its demand when it is required.

Most commercial UPSs up to about 10KVA now use 9amphr 12VDC SLA batteries for backup. These batteries are usually rated at 3 years usage.

We do recommend replacing them at these time intervals even if they seem OK when load testing.

Our experience tells us the SLA batteries often fall off their capacity quite rapidly.

Put in place a service schedule to do this. If you want to send UPSs back to MasTec base ( small ones ), we will do this work for you.However be aware, that most industrial grade sparkies these days can do this work also. Ask if they have done it before. Do not let a green horn do the work. They may get hurt or damage your UPS. Note some large UPS have battery voltages that are hazardous, running at 240 VDC and higher. We have seen 400VDC which will be fatal if you connect to it.

Super critical UPSs

As you can imagine the more critical a site becomes in regard to power not failing, the more technology is required. Usually different UPS architectures are required as you run up the critical ladder. We have some of the best products for these types of critical systems.

PDUs - A huge huge range

Power Distribution Units use to be relatively simple, but now allow multiple AC feeds, AC Mains and UPS or UPSs, power monitoring on each outlet. They can be single or three phases and bolt right into a rcking system, some with power bars alrady in place for multi server connections.

AC Power Conditioners

we covered this last month. MasTec also has a line of lower power units designed <2000watts especially for industrial and medical sites that need certification.


Local and remote KVMs for small office all the way to server farms.

MasTec is a Distributor for TrippLite since 1992
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