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June 2015  


Category Focus

  • Software/Programming
    - An overview
  • Code Programming
  • Graphical Programming
  • Icon Programming
  • Flow Chart Programming
  • Function Diagrams
  • DAQ Software
  • IsaGRAF
  • DSP/FPGA Programming
  • Analysis
  • Modelling
  • HMI Display Software
  • UPS Software
  • Wireless Router & Gateway

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Welcome to our Newsletter for June 2015

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This month our Product Categories Focus:-

Programming, Apps, Software

Another diverse group of sub categories

Also 30+ companies with excellent products.

MasTec has a lot of experience with some of these technologies and products.

Running Through the Sub Categories

Code Languages - MasTec has had to upgrade their "software" web page considerably over the last few years as new tools become available.

To start the ball rolling. At the Intel PC program development level for Instrumentation, Test, Control and Analysis, you have all those wonderful Microsoft development tools for .Net development etc.

Adding to this wonderful development tools, there are several additional development environments that over lay this and then use the Microsoft development tools and libraries to enhance development of Automation, IOT, M2M, Instrumentation, Test, Control and Analysis Programs or Apps. The winner here is National Instruments who started down this road in 1987 with LabWindows and now has both Measurement Studio and LabWindows CVI.

This does mean technical programmers and engineers have the best of the best for developing their programs for Intel PCs.

If you are doing embedded development either in Intel Atom or ARM, then Microsoft can help in several ways, with Win CE, Win 7 embedded, the New Win 8 and now 10 development for embedded especially for Win Tablets and Smart Phones.

It does seem though that in most raw embedded projects that Linux and C/C++ is still top dog as it gives very small code and is very fast with even real time programs

Digi Internaional therefore has a large array of software tools/libraries for developing embedded in all the favourites - Linux, CE and now Android. These libraries are designed to easy the pain of programs to be applied in complex world of Measurement, Control in the Wireless, M2M and IOT environment.

Digi tends to use Python for programming their Routers and Gateways. This another langauge that seems destined to be learned by most also.

If you look at many of the tablet and smart phones software tools, they are becoming very sophisicated having abilities to generate raw native code for any device you want to point the complier code at. So develop code and compile for Blackberry, Android, iOS or Windows.

Graphical Programming Langauges

LabVIEW is the winner here. However, do look at Dasylab as a simpler but powerful alternative for rapid builds for DAQ systems.

And of course you can go two ways with LabVIEW.

Use it to generate from programs for use with DAQ, Test, Control, Analysis and Graphics,

Build External Code and/or DLLs from the graphical diagrams and use in C/C++/C# Compilers.

Note LabVIEW can also connect to custom code DLLs and External Code also, built in C/C++/C#, so three ways really.

SCADA, PAC and PLC Langauges

Each company has its own programming method.

Array, xLogic have functional Blocks, simple to learn and quite powerful

OPTO 22 uses Flow Chart with Text code for function building.

ICPDAS encourages use of several methods for their PACs, C and ISAGraf.

Omron and Keyence have Ladder Logic, Function Blocks for their PLCs.

However there is one standard programming method which some use and that is the ISAGraf system, it is a soft logic package. the Standard is IEC 61131-3.

It supports Quick Ladder (LD), Function Block Diagram (FBD), Sequential Function Chart (SFC), Structured Text (ST), Instruction List (IL) plus Flow Chart (FC). Choose the way you find best for you.

We recommend ISAGraf for use with Windows based PACs (usually ATOM but others also ).It is an excellent product, allowing building of DAQ, Control & SCADA. The bigger Brother WinGraf ( Win7 & 8 soon 10 ) goes beyond this and links with SoftGraf and other tools for building HMIs. It has a large capability even allowing Redundant PAC systems.

This is a better choice than using LabVIEW in Industrial Environments. Also the choices of PACs with ISAGraf is much greater and the cost for Intel PACs is lower.

For SCADA, HMI, Remote Control etc you need to look at Azeotechs DAQ Factory also. Ithas about 20000 sites now and everyone raves about it.

There is much more that can be said but just scan through the manufacturers you are interested in for more detail.

This next section is a repaet from last month in case you missed it.

MasTec was present at the latest MobileTech 2015 Expo and presented a pptx on IOT.

Would you like a copy.

The Internet of Things is based mainly on Wireless Endpoints sending data back via connectivity routers, gateways etc to a Cloud system that has a wide variety of SaaS Tools, Templates etc to Display Data, Manage Alarms etc.

MasTec has the largest USA player in this market sector, Digi, with IOT programless solutions from End points to Gateways, to Routers, to Servers and to the Cloud services. + Productivity Tools and Smart Device Templates

They even have an IOT Development kit to ease the start up.

Digi has just rebranded their IOT Cloud to Digi Device Cloud.

If you are interested in IOT please look at these links also, they will shake your mind a little.
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