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Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Welcome to our Newsletter for July 2015

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This month our Company Focus include

The Fastec single phase to three phase motor starter and runner is now shipping

Reduce line fees and installation costs

A new range of easy install and low cost SMS, Wifi, GPRS 3G wireless products for monitoring, controlling, logging plus SMS alarming and messages.

Freezer / Chiller Alarms
Gate Openers
Camera Monitoring
Water Tank Levels
Pump Operation
IT Room Security
To name a few

If you are interested in IOT please look at these links also, they will shake your mind a little.

Remote Manager and XBEE ZigBee Cloud Kit

The Internet of Things is based on Wireless Sesnors sending data back via connectivity routers, gateways etc to a Cloud system that has a wide variety of Tools,

Digi recently rebranded
The IOT Cloud Becomes >> Digi Device Cloud.

Also have a look at our new loggers

IOT with all the tools, little programming Interest

2015 Product Selection Catalog

Newsletter on Maritime PCs Interest

Newsletter read Interest

LabVIEW Development & Code Upgrading- Link

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IOT Kits - no programming Interest

Fastest USB Digital IO yet read Interest

Article on Industrial Grade Tablets Interest

White Paper for Transport "It just got Smarter" Interest

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Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Single to Three Phase Motor System

Adjustable High Inertia Load Clutch & Pulley

Fastec Technical Info

Power 3 phase motors up to 3KW
off any single phase supply
( Genset, Solar Power Inverter or AC Mains )

Softer Start- No high surge on start up

Auto Calibrates to motor and load
on first start up

No Heating - high efficiency

Very low EMC - No Shielded Cables required

Easy Install - Low Cost - Reduced Line Fees

Also suit international OEMs

Trade enquiries welcome

We are taking preliminary orders now.

Fastec Applications

Start and run 3 Phase AC Motors

Workshop Machinery

Commercial Water Blasters

Well, Sump & Standard Pumps

Industrial Fans

Large Meat Grinders

Car Stackers - Conveyors

Hydraulic Presses - Pipe Benders

Rotary Cow Sheds?? - needs testing

Your Device ??

Talk to the Product Manager >> Rhane Yasis

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Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Some Applications

Food Safety Data & Logging ++ Alarming

Freezer / Chiller Performance & Operation Security

Dairy Vat Chiller Monitoring / Alarming

Growth Chambers / Storage / Cool Store

IT Room Monitoring & Genset Control

Roller and Slide Door Operation

Hinged and Rack Gate Operation

Building Security and Access - Monitoring & Control

Remote Video / Audio - Monitoring, Alarm & Security

++ Add Wireless & Local Control to most applications

Your Application ??

Talk to the Product Manager >> Rhane Yasis

General Technical Info

SMS, GPRS & Wifi Control, Monitor, Alarm Logger -

Web Configurable - Working Temp Range -40 to 70 C

External Probe Temp Range -55 to 125 C Accuracy +/-.3C
Inside Probe Temp Range -40 to 125 C Accuracy +/-.3C
Humidity Range 0-100 % accuracy +/- 2%

Setup SMS Text Message Alarms - up to 10 Numbers

230 VAC Mains or 12 VDC - 6 hour Lithium Battery Backup

Use 2 Digital Inputs for Alarms or??

Control 3 Relays with SMS Messages

Wifi Data avaliable / GPRS to Web Server

Log 4000 Data points with Downloads

T20 Size 130x130x19 mm / Aluminium Panel with LCD

Last but important - Power Failure Alarm also

Wireless >>
SMS , Wifi and Web Server
Wireless Temperature & Humidity Alarm & Logger

Wireless Alarm & Controller Unit

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Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Digi IOT Zigbee and Wifi IOT Kits

Digi Remote Manager

The Digi Zigbee IOT Kit and the Digi Wifi IOT Kit

This Tech Tip is brought to you by Digi Applications Engineer Mark Grierson, who will take you through the steps to connect an XBee Smart Plug to the XBee ZigBee Cloud Kit and manage it from the XBee gateway

The XBee ZigBee and Wifi Cloud Kit is the easiest way to
connect to the Internet of Things (IoT).

It features a sample web application that lets users remotely activate various outputs on the development board including LEDs, a vibration motor, a bar graph gauge and an audio buzzer.

In addition, users can build their own circuits on the development board to sense temperature or light, switch on and off other devices via a relay, turn on and off additional LEDs and more.

The web application code is open-source, available for anyone to download and use as a learning tool.

View this excellent online Zigbeee user’s guide that will
step you through that process found here and a
video for the Wifi IOT Kit

All Teaching instutions need this for their students.

Digi Remote Manager

Digi Remote Manager is a complete remote device management solution that allows you to:

Automatically monitor individual devices for PCI-DSS 3.0 security compliance

Get reports and alerts on performance statistics such as connection history, signal quality, latency, data usage and packet loss

Monitor the status and location of remote devices through a web browser

Lets you diagnose and fix remote devices without sending a technician on site. Oh Yes

Lets you schedule firmware etc updates to groups of devices en masse. Oh yes

And much more read a short blurb or read the whole thing

Digi Remote Manager is Level 1 PCI-DSS service provider,
PCI= Compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

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