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January 2015

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Welcome to our Newsletter for January 2015

Happy New Year 2015, hope the holiday season went well for you.

Before we look at the categories for this month, I would like to discuss my recent experience with the MCC BlueTooth/USB DAQ BTH-1208LS.

Over the holidays, I set one up in my work lab and trialed it. It is impressive. Have a read, it is listed under the Dec 2014 entry

This unit is also on Special as I opened a new box to do this test report. That is all the unit has been used for, about 15 minutes of play.
Interest in buying

This month our Product Category Focus is:-

Loggers, Recorders, Meters, Lab & Factory InstrumentsAnother 20+ companies


They come in many flavours from many manufacturers.

Etherios IOT - Internet of Things.

The IOT is really just the latest form of Logger. If you want to start playing with this technology, Digi has just released a fabulous starter kit..

Probably the most important Kit for any IOT Student for 2015
Digi Cloud Kit
Read more

Lascar UK Lipstick Loggers started a whole new trend in logging because of their ease of use and to read data on a standard USB port. These set the standard for all small USB loggers to follow.

Lascar has now expanded its Logger range to include WiFi Wireless Loggers that use WiFi for setup and data downloads, making near remote systems a breeze to install.

MSR Swiss started another revolution with their Super Tiny LCD Loggers with big memory and a broad range of loggers for specific industry measurements. Their LCD displays allow viewing data while collecting and add certainty to the log.

ZogLab China specialise in Met Logging for indoors and outdoors.

Microstrain USA Miniature dataloggers combine a logger, an inclinometer and silent shaker used to monitor patient inclination, save inclination data, and provide biofeedback at set limits.

Omega USA also has a broad range of industrial grade logger and are well worth a look.

Iotech USA an MCC company has the real goods when it comes to large complex Loggers. High Input channel count with Analog and Digital collection. These types of systems usually use a PC to drive the Logger Interfaces.

Other companies making these types of complex loggers are MCC, NI and DATAQ.

Power and Environmental Data Collection Another speciality Logger type with MSR, OPTO 22, Packet Power, Lascar all make an extensive range of these device types.

Bluetooth Logging using MCC's BTH-1208LS.

This is not a true Logger as the Bluetooth DAQ data is stored in the Android Tablet or Smart phone across the Bluetooth link. However it is very convenient and simple to set up and is Smart Device friendly with Email sending of the CSV data files.


are a variation on a Logger. The Recorder allows viewing on the data either on a Chart or a Graph or a Spreadsheet Table. The data can be stored also.

In fact many Loggers are now Recorders also with LCD displays showing the data as it is collected, either as text or charts. ( See MSRs range).

This means that many loggers are now Hybrid - Logger/Recorders.

Most DAQ manufacturers have a PC Windows Strip Chart App that is a free download that is also a simple recorder.

The best one I have seen for Windows is from DATAQ and it is free with their DAQ units.

DAQami from MCC also allows a PC or Laptop to run in this mode and is excellent also, giving graphs and building Excel files as it collects.

Paper Recorders

Of course this is where all this digital logger and recorders started from.

MasTec has ink and thermal Circular and Sheet Recroders also if you need one.

Some sites still require Paper proof. Many Furnaces and Ovens have this temperature recorders attached for each run still.

Over the years there have been many types of recorders. Ink, Thermal and Photgraphic recorders.

In Medical Electronics, ECGs, EMGs and EEGs were routinely collected on recorders for permanent records. Some hospitals are still using them. Emergency Services still in many cases prefer them as it gives an instant paer record. Factories like them also as it is permnent.

One of the most famous recorders was developed by William Thompson ( later Lord Kelvin ) before going to New Foundland after the laying of the first Atlantic copper comms cable ( laid from the Great Eastern Iron Ship in 1866 ) He built the first Light Galvonometer that became the basis for all high sensitivity high frequency recorders that were in use right up to the 1970s/80s. The reason for the development was the very high impedance of the cable due to significant capacitance. COnsidering they did not have amplifiers it was astounding they could get signals across. The Kelvin light and mirror meter was the trick that did it.

I was very fortunate in the 1980s to be in the UK after the laying of the first private optical fiber cable across the Atlantic and was the engineer that took the original OTDR calibration data and base line noise readings on that service, logging them and recording them into a Macintosh computer running LabVIEW 1 and printing them on a HP laser printer.

On LabVIEW 2015 Projects

MasTec has a several projects already signed in for 2015, with quite a heavy work schedule.

If you require a project or development do email early this year please so we can arrange schedules around current work.

On LabVIEW 2015 Training.

This is becoming less of requirement as the on-line training is excellent these days.

However, what we have started to run into, is the need to take a team of programmers and up skill them in practical matters. Training and doing a project are a long distance apart and often require some coaching. Let us know also if you feel a few days would help your team.

All the staff at MasTec wish you all a great 2015.

MasTec is the NZ Distributor for Etherious
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Probably the most important Kit for IOT Students
Digi Cloud Kit
Read more

PCIe PCI DAQ Development Software Read
Visual C++ 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0, Delphi, Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#.NET, LabVIEW MATLAB

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