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  • SSRs
  • LED Dimmers
  • High Voltage IO
  • Relays-Contactors
  • Thyristors * IGBTs
  • Soft Starters
  • 1-3 Phase Motor
  • Variacs
  • Voltage Stabilisers
  • Voltage Optimisers
  • Transformers


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3 Phase SSRs

Welcome to our Newsletter for February 2015

This month our Product Category Focus

SSRs, LED DImmers, AC - DC Logic Level Shifters, Relays, Contactors, Thyristors & IGBT Proportional Control, Soft Starters, 1> 3 Phase Soft Motor Starters, AC Voltage Stabilisers, AC Voltage Optimisers, Variacs and Transformers.

All Single Phase and many Three Phase products.

So a big mouth full. again.13 companies.

SSRS - ( AC & DC Solid State Relays )

OPTO 22 invented Optically Coupled SSRs back in the early 1970s. SCRs and Triacs were quite new as technology back then and OPTO 22 glued in an optical barrier and made them controllable safely. They are still the leaders in this field.

Several hundred thousand OPTO 22 products have been sold into the NZ Market over the intervening years.

SSRs have huge advantages over Contact Relays in that they don't arc out or wear out. They usually drop the load on AC Voltage zero crossing once the control voltage is zero.
( The control voltages are either DC 3-32 VDC or AC 14-280 VAC )

SSRs also offer 4000VAC isolation between the load side and the control side, so they offer great safety when switching high voltages with Control gear like PLCs, PACs and PC IO.

SSRs typically have huge surge current ability, typically 10-20 times operating current, so excellent for inductive loads like machine motors, compressors, refrig etc

SSRs come in many form factor and mountings, Bare Bones plate, Heat Sink, PCB, DIN Rail and various Backplane configurations.

The only down side of SSRs.
They require a minimum voltage to turn on
( typ 1.6VAC)
They have small Off State leakagecurrent.
( typ 7-15 mAs)

This means you can not use them as a general switch like a contact relay, they must be in-circuit with a load.

There are also DC SSRs and these come in similar form factors as AC SSRs and have Isolation etc but just switch DC Loads. These can be from just a few amps and volts right up to 100Amps and 400VDC etc. Basically a giant optically coupled FET.

Logic Level Shifters ( AC and DC Models )

OPTO 22 also invented what I call Logic Level Shifters. Opto 22 calls them Input and Output Modules.

A Logic Level Shifter or IO module from OPTO 22 and others works like this.
They take a High Voltage AC 230VAC Logic Level and converts it down to to a Low Logic level ( 5, 15 or 24 VDC )
take say 110VDC converted to 5, 15 or 24VDC Logic Levels.

This can be done with resistors and diodes and caps etc but these modules are a generalised tough industrial solution.

The main advantage these devices have over a resistor, diode, cap system is that between the two voltage levels, an Optical Barrier exists, good to 4000 VAC. Again, a great way to protect control gear from damaging high voltage levels by safely converting them down in a safe way to get logic levels control device can use.

Many PLC installers place a large bank of these Logic Level Shifters between the PLCs Inputs and the high voltage they are monitoring. There is no point in damaging or destroying very expensive PLCs inputs. The cost of these barriers is very low in comparison.

In Opto 22 PACs, all their input and output modules have Isolation barreirs. This means you can safely wire 230VAC directly to the PAC without worry.

Another very popular thing that OPTO 22 introduced was to use colour coding on their modules and the whole world has copied this.

So for instance, if you have a DIN Rail full of Power IO DIN SSRs and Logic Level Input Modules, you can tell at a glance which module type is which by colour.

Black is an output AC SSR
Red is an output DC SSR
Yellow is an input AC Level Shifter.
White is an input DC Level Shifter

LED Dimmers

OPTO 22 also has a great product here.

Relays and Contactors

We have all the way from Reed Relays to large Industrial Grade Contactors, single or three phase.

Thyristor and IGBT Prportional Controllers

These are used on Electric Heating systems ( furnaces ) mainly.
CD Automation, Jumo & AEG are specialists.

Soft Starters

CD Automation make some of the best three phase soft starters. They have 3 wire and 6 wire starters with currents to 165 amps. Check these if you are having difficulty with your present starters.

1 Phase to Three Phase Soft Starters

Fastec starters and 1 to 3 phase converter modules are a technology jump in this special area. Check this if you have any products requiring three phase to 5KWs but only have single phase at the site.

Meat Grinders, Workshop Machinery, Car Stackers, Compressors, Refrig Systems, and Submersible Pumps. Fans, Sump Pumps etc

These Fastec Modules can be controlled by a switch or a PLC, PAC or Discrete Controller.


IREM and Belotti are the world leaders in Variacs. Single and Three Phase units, hand control, motorised & servo control.

Automatic Voltage Optimizers/Stabilisers

Up until this newsletter, MasTec has always lumped Automatic Voltage Regulator products in to Line Conditioners.

However we have now rectified our faulty thinking and have made Line Conditioners as a seperate category. Line Conditioners typically remove noise, spikes and surges from AC and DC lines.

AVR systems are a different kettle of fish and we have two types, but basically the same thing but used differently.

All AVRS have a set point to control to. In the case of NZ AVRs that would be 230 VAC Single Phase / 400 VAC three phase. An AVR Stabiliser will endeavour to keep the output voltage at these levels.

An AVR Optimiser has a variable set point for control and typically that setpoint is 210 to 220 VAC to reduce currents, lengthen light bulbs lives etc.The purpose of the optimiser is to reduce power consumption and lenghten infrastrucutre product lives.

Both Belotti & IREM make a broad range of Voltage Optimizers and Stabilizers for energy savings, somtimes up to 40%.

Optimizers reduce the mains voltage to the lowest level of the AC Mains range and holding it there. These devices comply with the requirements of IEC 60038 for electric equipment operating tolerances and supply an operating voltage which minimises consumption without impairing performance or reducing reliability, applies to lighting and motors.

Both types use IGBT Patented Technology or Servo controls driving Autotransformer Variacs to stabilise mains variations and set them at a level designated by the operator.


IREM, TrippLite and Belotti for Industrial and Medical Transformers single & three phase.

MasTec is the NZ Distributor for OPTO 22
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