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Welcome to our Newsletter for August 2015

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Rural Tech is MasTec's newest Division, focusing on the use of Technology in Rural Settings:- Dairy Vats, Produce Storage - Freezers and Chillers, Horticulture Cool Stores, Greenhouses, Growth Chambers, Farm Gate - Door - Building Access and Security, Food Safety, Wireles Data collection and Rugged Tablets and Video Surveillance

These Rural Tech products can also be used Commercially, Industrially also and even Domestically.

Talk to Rhane about Rural Tech Products,
An excellent pdf catalog for you to look over.

The new Senonics low cost Loggers for Food Safety during freight or storage. Senonics is the world largest manufacturer of these types of tiny Loggers.

Another quick look over the CWT Wireless Products

Simple SMS Alarms + Logging Systems

Additionally, if you want to download the data and the status of the CWT device, you can do this via the comms ports RS-232/485 or the GPRS/3G directly to your IP address in your servers or PCs.

The T20 even allow Realtime Wifi Monitoring.

You can build all sorts of locally and or remotely controlled systems

Freezer / Chiller Alarms
Growth Chamber Controllers
Gate Access Door Controllers
Camera Monitoring & Alarming
Water Tank Level Controllers
Tank & Pump Operation
IT Room Security & Flood Monitoring
and many more

Double Solar Gate Openers Interest

New Low Cost OEM USB 230 DAQ

AC Programmable Power Sources Interest

New Touch 2.8" and 7" Displays Interest


LabVIEW Development & Code Upgrading- Link

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Wireless Gate and Access Controller Interest

More OEM DAQ solutions

DC Programmable Linear Power Supplies Interest

A little Piece of NZ Showing Up Interest


Hardware Development for LabVIEW - Link

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Product Launch August 2015  

Product Launch August 2015  

Tiny Transportation Loggers

Smart Storage Loggers

Senonics Minnow Logger Usage


Suppose for example you would like to transport some delicate or fragile cargo from one location to another.

By attaching or placing the logger in the cargo, a Minnow logger you can record temperature and humidity conditions during the journey.

At the destination you can then extract the logged data using a very simple PC application and see graphically or in raw data format the changes in environment over time.

The Minnow logger is the smallest logger in its class for measuring temperature and relative humidity. The device measures just 35mm x 60mm x 15mm.

The device also offers long battery life (up to 4 years) and logging storage of 65520 samples of both temperature and humidity.

Senonics Bluefin Logger Usage


The Bluefin logger is a portable wireless temperature and humidity logger.

The Bluefin logger can be connected either via a USB cable to a Windows or Mac PC or wirelessly using Bluetooth to your iPhone, iPad or iPadMini.

Both Windows, Mac and iPhone applications all offer a simple means of configuring the logger, data extraction and data viewing features.

The Bluefin logger is equipped with a rechargeable battery with 6 months before needing to be recharged.

The Bluefin logger is always connectable from your mobile device without needing any physical touching of the logger.

Talk to the Rural Tech Manager >> Rhane Yasis

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Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

Wireless Tank Level

Submersible Pressure transducer

 General Technical Info for the Web Senosr Tank Level

GPRS Wireless to remote server or computer


Localised Zigbee to a Router

Tank levels up to 0-200 meters can be measured

Cable lengths are speced at Purchase

Rating IP68

Accuracy ±0.5%F.S

(MARS series has higher accuracy)

Stability Typical 0.2%F.S

Operation Temp -40 ~85 C

CE, Intrinsically safe E,Explosion-proof D


Some Applications for the System


Any Tanks containing liquid that works well with

Corrosive medium compatible with Cr18Ni9Ti,316L

Just drop the cable with transducer in the tank or well



Rural storage

Farms holding tanks

Stock Tanks

Municipal / Council




Talk to the Product Manager >> Rhane Yasis

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Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Sine & Quasi Inverter Chargers

Large Capacity 2 VDC SLA Batteries

The TrippLite Inverter Chargers

MasTec sold its first TrippLite inverter charger in 1993. It is still running.

If you want to make long battery backed up Power systems, say for IT systems, your Radio Station or maybe your Whole Office or Home, then MasTec can help.

We recommend TrippLite as the Inverter Charger for these types of systems. They are not optimal for Solar Alternative Power but they have the best price to performance ratio for Commercial, Residential or Industrial locations that normally are powered by AC Mains supplies.

TrippLite systems all have excellent overload characteristics for starting motors, pumps, refrig, microwaves etc

They have large chargers also for bringing back the battery bank quickly and safely when the mains returns.

MasTec also can provide those large SLA batteries for such a system. We recommend 2V cells in series to build the right size one string bank.

This is the most efficient and longest lasting battery configuration method.

We do not recommend Lthium battery banks yet as the prices are too high and there are issues that need addressing in this market. Lithium is impossible to recycle at present. On the other hand Lead Acid SLA batteries recycle easily.

An example - 2012SW Pure Sine Inverter/Charger

PowerVerter APS INT 2000W 12VDC 230V Inverter/Charger with Pure Sine Wave Output, Hardwired

Looking to reproduce wall power from a battery source without any power interference?

Are you using a vehicle battery or separate battery bank to supply power in remote locations or work environments where wall power / shore power is not available?

With reliable 230V AC power, Pure Sine Wave output and the ability to charge batteries, the Tripp Lite APSX2012SW is your answer.

12V DC or 230V AC input; 230V, 50 Hz output (hardwired)
2000 watts continuous output, 4000 watts peak output

Selectable 6/60 amp wet/dry cell battery charger

Pure sine wave output - Seamless transfer switching

Quiet, high efficiency operation, high surge capacity and low idle current

Talk to the Product Manager >> Taran

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

Product Launch July 2015  

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Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

Wireless Temperature & Humidity Alarm & Logger

SMS Alarms, GPRS Downloads, Wifi Monitoring

 General Technical Info for the T20 Monitor/Logger

SMS, Serial, GPRS, Wifi Logger - Monitor, Alarm & Control

Configure with your Smart Phone or your PC

External Probe Temp Range -55 to 125 C Accuracy +/-.3C
Inside Probe Temp Range -40 to 125 C Accuracy +/-.3C
Humidity Range 0-100 % accuracy +/- 2%

Setup SMS Text Message Alarms - up to 10 Numbers

230 VAC Mains or 12 VDC - 6 hour Lithium Battery Backup

Use 2 Digital Inputs for Alarms for Door Closures or ??

Control 3 Relays with SMS Messages - Generator

Interlock Alarms to Outputs for Control.

Wifi Data avaliable / GPRS to your Server/PC

Log 4000 Data Points with Downloads

T20 Size 130x130x19 mm / Aluminium Panel with LCD

Last but important - A Power Failure Alarm also

Some Applications for the T20

Food Safety

Freezer / Chiller

Dairy Vat Chiller

Growth Chambers / Storage / Cool Store

IT Room Monitoringl

Roller and Slide Door

Hinged and Rack Gate

Building Security and Access

Remote Video / Audio on to 3G Smart Phones

++ Add Wireless & Local Control to your applications

with no Programming, just configure.

Your Application ??

Talk to the Product Manager >> Rhane Yasis

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Product Just Launched

Product Just Launched

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