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April 2015  


Category Focus

  • General Wireless
  • Wireless M2M
  • Wireless End Points
  • Wireless AMR
  • Wireless Cloud
  • Wireless DAQ
  • Wireless Loggers
  • GPS
  • Cable Replacers
  • Wireless Control
  • Accessories
  • Rugged Smart Phones


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Welcome to our Newsletter for April 2015

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This month our Product Category Focus is:

Wireless, M2M Systems, Cellular Routers, Multi mode Gateways, Modems, Wireless Modules & Embedded Modules 3G, 4G/LTE, Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wifi, DAQ, Loggers, IO, End Points, GPS and much more including

+ Cloud M2M / IOT Services

MasTec again has the largest supply of wireless in Australasia.

Our Manufacturer Logo Matrix this month is random and not in any particular order but with at least 44 companies with Wireless Products, maybe another 20 companies if you look carefully at the other 100 companies we handle.

OEM Supply

If you are needing a steady supply of wireless product for systems or machines you are manufacturing, MasTec can assist.

MasTec has many Wireless OEM customers. Each year we supply thousands of wireless systems.

This supply can be as simple as Bluetooth chip sets or embedded Wifi Modules, all the way up to industrial grade Programmable Cellular Routers with Dual SIMS, with fallbacks to ADSL and more.

Raw Wireless

  • Cellular Modems GMS, 3G, 4G/LTE
  • Cellular Routers GMS, 3G, 4G/LTE
  • Industrial Grade Cellular
  • Transport Grade Cellular
  • Industrial + Transport GPS
  • Industrial 2.4 and 5 GHZ WiFI
  • Embedded WiFi
  • Bluetooth Chip Sets
  • Embeddable Bluetooth modules
  • Industrial & Commercial Bluetooth modules
  • ZigBEE Mesh and Pt to Multi Point
  • DigiMesh ( Low power Mesh )
  • Programmablw ZigBEE and DigiMesh
  • 868 MHZ for Europe
  • 900MHZ for the rest of the world
  • 400 MHZ for Loggers etc
  • Rugged Smart Phones/Tablets

XBEE System

Our largest supplier, Digi USA, has also developed a very nice solution for embeddable Wireless called XBEE technology.

This is a constant form factor and pin out dual in line or SMT chip sets that allow interchange of several Wireless formats with out re PCB layouts. ( note some software changes will be needed for each standard )

  • ZigBEE Mesh and Pt to Multi Point
  • DigiMesh ( Low power Mesh )
  • Programmablw ZigBEE and DigiMesh
  • 868 MHZ for Europe
  • 900MHZ mesh and long distance

This is very significant when supplying a world with the same product but each country has different wireless certs.

Note the 900 MHZ systems are long distance systems ( over 60kms in some cases )

A very significant happening is coming in December this year for NZ engineers for the 900MHZ band. MasTec have been told that NZ will open its 900MHZ band to make it compatible with Australia. This is so important for exporters to Aus. Ask if you need more info on this.

NZ has been an abberation in the world of 900MHZ for a variety of reasons using 921 to 928 MHZ. Australia is 915 to 927 MHZ.

Digi has anticipated these changes and is now releasing revamped XBEE modules suitable for Aus and NZ usage. You can start developing now with these, by just keeping transmission levels low for inhouse detection only.

Again ask if this is of interest.

Wireless M2M & IOT

The Internet of Things is based mainly on Wireless Endpoints sending data back to a Cloud system that have a wide variety of Tools, Templates etc to Display Data, manage Alarms etc.

MasTec has the largest wUSA player in this market sector, Digi, with IOT programless solutions from End points to Servers and the Cloud services.

They even have an IOT Development kit to ease the start up.

Digi has just rebranded their IOT Cloud to Digi Device Cloud.

If you are interested in IOT please look at these links also, they will shake your mind a little.
Remote Manager and XBEE ZigBee Cloud Kit

Wireless End Points

End Points are devices placed at the end of a Comms link, usually Wireless that do a specific job. An Ease example Think of a Smart Building with a wireless mesh with end points that measure temperature, turn on a pump, monitor security, enable a service etc

MasTec has many companies making Wireless End Points using Bluetooth, ZigBee, DigiMesh Smart Energy, and Wifi.

Wireless DAQ

Bluetooth is used especially with Android for DAQ but can equally run with Windows or Linux

WiFi Is now being used by many manufacturers for higher performance DAQ systems.

Wireless Loggers

WiFi and 400MHZ is used with many Loggers.

One of the Lascar Logger has a GSM built in and will transmit out or receive interrogation calls.

Wireless Smart Meters & Smart Devices

Most use ZigBEE, also now low power WiFi is becoming popular due to easy lower cost interconnection.

Some AMR ( Automatic Meter Readers ) use the Wavenis wireless system which is a multi point longer range wireless system. See Maestro and Elster

A growing number of AMR systems now use 900MHZ mesh. This will be available in NZ in December this year. These systems give very long distance hops.


XBEE chips are available with a small micro embedded. This allows control of the XBEE autonomously and makes for standalone End Points. This can reduce traffic flows significantly if differential transmission systems are programmed in.

Note a very nice feature of the Digi XBEE programmability is this. You cannot break the wireless sections certifications by programming. This means your system is always certified no matter what you do in the micro.

Programmability is also available in most Routers and Gateways. The languages used are Python, Java and C++ or C# in most cases with Python being more universal.

By the way a Gateway, if you are wondering, is a device very similar to a Router but with these possible addtions. If you want to link a Mesh wireless system back to home base or a cloud, the Gateway will facilitate this, acting as a Mesh co-ordinator and a router at the same time.

Data Protocols and Encryptions.

Programmability brings to a Router and Gateway the ability to read many data protocols, do conversions on the fly and also manage a broad range of encryption as well.

Some Gateways have IO, USB, Serial as well as Mesh linked out on LTE/3G/GMS.

We could go on, it is a very big area

Wireless Customers

MasTec has very large Wireless systems running in NZ with a Utility company.

We also have very large contracts to supply Bluetooth, Zigbee, Mesh, and Long Distance Wireless.

We would love to hear from you and see if we can assist with your business plans.

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