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Edition # 2 Circulation April 2013

MasTec Reseller's Monthly Technical Bulletin on Products, Solutions and Services

Hello to our Present & Future Resellers,

Welcome to edition # 2 of the MasTec Reseller's monthly eNewsletter

Thank you to all those Resellers that contacted us on our first edition.

In fact we are not only interested in traditional Resellers but would also like to speak to Integrators, Consultants and Developers.

If you would like to become one of MasTec's Special Buyers you may register with this link.

Register as a Special Buyer

One of our staff will contact you.

As you know we have 140+ Manufacturers we represent in Oceania.

If you see any company that is of interest just let us know and we can make specuial arrangments for you to buy.

Here is a short list of some companies we see having potential for Resellers.


IMC Networks
Conel Wireless
Packet Power
Suntronic -new so more later


The ones we have listed are all well known world brands with excellent reputations. We have sold most of these products now for 10 years +.

Our full product line

Most of our companies make quite specialised products. If you have a need on any of these let us know also.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and building business opportunities together.

Next month Digi International Products


Rob Maskell
Managing Director of MasTec


This month we are going to High Lite TrippLite

TrippLite USA designed the first UPS for PCs.

The largest selling small to medium size
UPS range in the USA.


MasTec has been distributing TrippLite
since 1993 and we regard them highly.

We have around 10K units in Oceania
and that includes Australia.


The main criteria with UPSs is reliability
and TrippLite is famous for this.

We have many sites with UPSs that are now 15 years old and still going.
In fact wa customer recently wanted to trade a 1998 TrippLite UPS in for a larger model.

TrippLite just don't make UPSs.

They also were early designers of Inverter Chargers. Pure Sine and Quasi Sine


They also have the largest selling filtered surge protection system

called the Euro bar and Line Conditioners


Plus TrippLite is famous with Server and Cloud companies

for their Large UPSs, PDUs and Racking..

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