Thermal Imaging


  Get temperature profiles, motor heating, bearings, pipes, electrical connections and breaker boxes where over heating indicates failures and dangerous conditions etc.  
    Omega's thermal imaging products are designed for non-contact temperature measurement with the unique feature to see temperature gradients. Some can capture images and measure multiple spots.    

-20°C to 250°C Temperature Handheld Thermal Imager
High Value OSXL-TIM3-series

-25°C to 380°C Temperature Handheld Thermal Imager
Economical High Performance OSXL-TG165-series

-20°C to 1200°C Temperature Handheld Thermal Imager OSXL160
• Fully Automatic
• Focus Free
• Outstanding Measurement and Accuracy
• Compact and Lightweight
• SD Card Storage (SD Card Included)
• Reporting Software Included (Compatible with
• Windows® 7 & 8)
• Applications
• Inspection and Diagnostics in Factory Automation
• Process Control
• Building HVAC
• Solar Power Generation
• Furnace and Oven
  • True Thermal Imaging
• Portable, Ergonomic Design
• Tripod Mount/Lanyard Connection
• Simple to Operate with Intuitive Buttons and Menu Icons
• Rugged and Reliable—Can Withstand a 2 m (6.5') Drop
• Dual Pointer Lasers Frame Your Area of Interest
• Convenient Pull Trigger Activates Lasers and Freezes Images
• Store Images and Data with Removable Micro SD Card (Included)
• Mini USB Port for Downloading Images and Charging Internal Battery
  • Excellent Thermal Image and High Accuracy Temperature Measurement
• Wide Temperature Measurement Range up to 1200°C (2192°F)
• Laser Pointer
• Built-In Microphone to Record 40 Seconds of Voice Annotation
• Automatic Hot/Cold/Average Spot Recognition
• Intuitive and Easy Operating Menu
• Multifunction PC Analysis Software

100°C to 800°C Temperature Fixed Mount Thermal Imager OSXL-101

-20°C to 250°C Temperature Handheld Thermal Imager OSXL-E6-EUCAL

20°C to 650°C Temperature Handheld Online Thermal Imager OSXL-T620
New Models:
• Narrow FOV 25° x 25°
• High Temperature 100° to 800°C (212° to 1472°F)
• Easy to Use and Implement
• Thermal Imager with Ethernet Connection
• 2256 Pixel Resolution
• Built-In Alarms
• NEMA 4 (IP65)
• 76 mm (3") Color LCD Display
• Easy-to-Use, Weighs Only 0.58 kg (1.2 lb)
• 2% Accuracy
• Radiometric jpg File Format
• Swappable Li-Ion Battery with 4-Hour Life
• Spot Measurement Mode
• Simultaneous Storage of IR/Visual/MSX Images
• Picture-in-Picture Image (E5, E6 and E8)
• Area Box Measurement Mode (E5, E6 and E8)
• FLIR Tools Reporting and Analysis Software Included
• Temperature Range from -20 to 250°C (-4 to 482°F)
• Variable Emissivity and Reflected Temperature Parameters for Detection Accuracy
  • Loop Power
• Ideal for Pneumatic Control Systems
• IP65 Sealed Case
• Zero and Span Adjustments for Field Calibration
• Rugged Zinc Cast Housing

testo 883 - Thermal imager (320 x 240 pixels, manual focus, app, laser)

testo 872 - Thermal imager (320 x 240 pixels, App, laser)

Best image quality: IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (with SuperResolution 640 x 480 pixels); NETD < 40 mk

Useful features: testo SiteRecognition intelligent image management and testo ScaleAssist automatic contrast adjustment

Extensive analysis and documentation: With the intuitive professional software testo IRSoft

Full control: Manual focus and interchangeable lenses

Developed for service engineers, facility managers and building energy consultants: The testo 883 thermal imager is a reliable partner when carrying out your thermal measuring tasks. Its outstanding thermal image quality and useful features will enable you to save time and ensure perfect work results.


 Highest image quality: IR resolution of 320 x 240 pixels, via integrated testo SuperResolution Technology 640 x 480 pixels

Precise measurement: thermal sensitivity of 0.06°C

Smart and wireless: use your mobile device with the free testo Thermography App and wirelessly transmit readings from the testo 770-3 clamp meter and the testo 605i humidity measuring instrument (both available separately)

Integrated laser marker – can also be precisely visualized as a measuring point in the thermal image

The testo 872 thermal imager gives you the best possible support for your work in professional industrial and building thermography. Take thermal images quickly, reliably and smartly with the highest image quality, very good thermal sensitivity and innovative functions. The case supplied with the thermal imager means it can be conveniently transported, so it is always there for you when needed.



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