30 Year Annivesary Sale on Selected Products


AC~DC Power Sale Items    Note : more items will appear each month as we load them
UPSs --- New and Demos   Soltec,
Redundant UPSs --- Rebuilt but second hand   JST Power Kinetics
Home UPSs -- with large chargers -- New and one Demo   Soltec
SNMP Boxes for UPSs   Tripplite
Line Conditioners & Surge Protection ---New   TrippLite, Power Tech
Inverters   Asian Electron
Remote AC Power Control for PCs and Devices   Aviosys
 110VAC Products    
110VAC UPSs,, Invert Chargers, AVR Power Conditioners and other items   Link to
 Cable Protectors    
Cable Surge Protectors   TrippLite, Bravo
Zigbee Starter Kits --- Demo Units    Digi
Zigbee Parts    Digi
GSM to Serial Plus IO    Maestro
PLCs     Splat
PLCs    Array
PACs    OPTO 22
DAQ --- PCI and ISA DAQ cards + Bluetooth DAQ    Measurement Computing - Adlink - Sealevel
Distributed I/O & SSRs    OPTO 22, Sealevel
Hardware various DAQ types -- PXI,PCI ISA etc   National Instruments
Hardware various DAQ types -- RS-485 Modules   Adlink, & others
 Power Supplies DIN Rail and Instruments    Twintex, Array
 PCI bus to PCMCIA converters    Elan
 Embedded Micros    
Micros    Z World & Rabbit
Loggers and Monitors    
Temperature and Humidity Loggers and Monitor for
Cool Rooms, Chillers, Fridge, Freezer GSM, Wifi
 Comms & Network    
Serial Comms PCIe    AAxeon
8 Port Ethenrt Switch    AAxeon
Serial Servers -- Ethernet to RS-232/422/485 + Wireless Serial Server    Sena, Adlink , Advantech, AAxeon
Comms USB to RS-232    Sena, BAFO
Ultrasonic and Inductive Sensors    Pulsotronic
Automation Controller Meters etc    Unimeter
Sensors Color    Eltrotech ask about these very slick
Force Gauge/Bridge Transducer 20000lbs    PT

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  • Send a purchase order by email or fax 64 9 273 9500, include your VISA or MC # and we will ship.
  • Most of these products are new or demo, we state when it is used
  • In all cases, the products are fully functional, unless stated before purchase.
  • Data sheets are available for most products.
  • No Warranty applies unless stated
  • All prices are exclusive of GST, so please add GST to these prices for the full RRP.
  • Some prices will vary with the USD rate

All the above prices are in New Zealand Dollars, exclusive of GST
(GST applies to New Zealand customers only).

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