Specials on Selected Products


AC~DC Power    
UPSs --- New -- Demos -- Rebuilds -- Trades   Soltec, TrippLite
Redundant UPSs   JST Power Kinetics
Home UPSs -- with large chargers   Soltec
Inverter Chargers   TrippLite
Line Conditioners & Surge Protection   TrippLite, Power Tech
Power Supplies - 12VDC Battery Eliminators - Battery Chargers   Power Tech
 110VAC Products    
110VAC Power Products   Link
 Cable Protectors    
Cable Surge Protectors   TrippLite, Bravo
Zigbee Starter Kits    Digi
Zigbee Parts    Digi
PLCs     Splat
PLCs    Array
DAQ --- PCI and ISA DAQ cards etc    Measurement Computing - National Instruments - Adlink -Sealevel -
USB DAQ logger and DAQ unit    Dataq
Distributed I/O & SSRs    OPTO 22, Sealevel
 Embedded Micros    
Micros    Z World & Rabbit
Serial Comms    Sealevel
Serial Servers -- Ethernet to RS-232/422/485    Quatech, Sealevel, Adlink , Advantech
Comms    Telebyte
Ultrasonic and Inductive Sensors    Pulsotronic
Automation Controller Meters etc    Unimeter
Sensors Color    Eltrotech ask about these very slick
Software various types   National Instruments

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  • Most of these products are new or demo, we state when it is used
  • In all cases, the products are fully functional, unless stated before purchase.
  • Data sheets are available for most products.
  • No Warranty applies unless stated
  • All prices are exclusive of GST, so please add GST to these prices for the full RRP.
  • Some prices will vary with the USD rate

All the above prices are in New Zealand Dollars, exclusive of GST
(GST applies to New Zealand customers only).

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