MasTec Assorted 110VAC
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TrippLite- 110 VAC Power Items

 TrippLite 110 VAC APS750 Inverter chargers --
Sale Items
until current stock is sold

12V DC power + 120V AC input; 120V AC output; 2 outlets
750 watts continuous, 1125 watts OverPower™ and 1500 watts DoubleBoost™ inverter output
3 stage, 20 amp selectable wet/dry cell battery charger
Auto Transfer Switching option for battery backup / UPS operation
Reliability enhanced large-transformer design


New units

RRP is $950 +GST

Super price

$399 +GST


Power Bank
110VAC Line Interactive UPSs Sale Items

Intelligent UPS until current stock is sold

110 VAC 500 and 700VA UPS Line Interactive, Quasi Sinewave,

We have sold hundreds of these style of UPS both 230 VAC and these 110VAC units,
Clearing the last stock now.

 Models  No Comms  RS-232  USB
 500VA  $69 $89  $89
 700VA  $69 $99  $99

Shutdown via USB or RS-232 control or Lower Cost No Comms unit


TrippLite - 110VAC Line Conditioner + Surge Protector

TrippLite Sale Items
until current stock is sold
Surge and Line Conditioners

Line Conditioner 1800 watt
Auto correcting mains from 80-135 >to 110-120VAC,
Please do not compare these to other AVR units, these are tough units, a history of safe & stable use

Isobar Line Conditioner filter surge protector, 4 Outlets with pairs individually filtered, and surge protection, best surge bar on the market, over 1 million running


110VAC - PlugPacks

Wall and In-line Plug Packs


All different sizes and wattages and voltages -

Too many to list
Ask for your spec

$5 and up

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