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The USB Net Power is a economical device for network power control. With this device power control cannot be any easier. Simply plug in the device, run the sofware and now anyone can turn on turn off their devices via the PC. Also with a scheduler function included this device can easily become automated to turn on and turn off anything connected. Based off of Aviosys IP Power design this new 1 port economical solution allows flexibility of using this device for any situation and location. All you need is a PC and a power jack and you can control anything.

Remote Local power control : Turn ON/OFF devices.
Control through any other PC on Internet.
Timer Scheduler : Preset the time to control power ON/OFF.
Exchangeable Fuse Protection.
SDK Available :
User friendly, compact, and simply just plug play.



Sale Items until stock gone

IP9258 IP Power 9258T Network AC Power Controller General Features: Stylish compact design

· Built in web server, can be used through the Ethernet or Internet network

· Support multiple Internet browsers Control four (4) AC outlets at one time

· Supports HTTP, SMTP, SNMP, Internet-fixed IP, DHCP, LAN virtual IP

· Supports security passwords, easily installed and can be updated online



Sale Items until stock gone

IP POWER 9258S is a web controller which can be easily used in the industry field. With the remote network control technology, user can control or query the power supply of equipment.

User can do this in any computer connected to the internet or local area network, there is no special program needed,also there is no need to open the external case of the computer.

Try to imagine that while traveling in a foreign country, you can control the power supply of your electric equipments, such as a computer, a server, a router, an entrance guard or security/surveillance system directly or use a time schedule comes with the IP POWER.

You can remotely control the power switch with any computer connected to the network, which is not only convenient, but it also big saving on the manpower and time.


Remote power control through network browser like IE as Embedded web server
Accessible with popular web browsers - IE , Google Chrome Firefox .
Built in 'Current meter' for monitoring and 'Temperature'
Dual Cut relay Inrush Current Protect
Designed to control T5 fluorescent lighting- energy savings increasing brightness
Supports 'Zero Cross' toprotect relay to suppress noise generatedas loading current rises suddenly .
Power leakage protection - turn off as leakage over 3mA
Supports up to maximum current : 8Amp.
WatchDog -- Auto Ping.
Time Scheduler -- pre-set your planned time to switchon/off
CNTtechnology -- Just Plug Play no need to port forward
SDK provided for own software development .
Smartphone and IOS supported.
Seven different countries power socket type for choosing - US, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Swiss, Danish
Wide rangeof electric Power Modulecan be used in both 110V 220V environment
Compact size for small space or limited room area .



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