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We are running a sale on all Asian Electron Inverters in stock at present with 25% off all models.

This includes the Quasi Sinewave models and Pure Sinewave Models.

Standard sizes are 12VDC, 24VDC 48VDC @ 700,1000, 1500, 2000 watts.

Ask for your size and best price.

We highly recommend these Inverter units as tough and reliable.

Customers use these Quasi Sinewave products on Construction and Rural Areas driving all sorts of power tools.

One customer reported driving a concrete mixer directly from his UTE's 12 volt battery with a Quasi Sinewave 1500 unit for several days with the UTE idling fast.drawing 70 amps 12 VDC

For Off the grid Solar systems use Pure Sinewave units,>>> some have sleep mode for low idle currents

One of our sites has a 1500 watt pure sinewave Inverter running on a large 24 VDC battery bank driving a very large facility with Fridge, Freezer, water pump, dish washer and Washing machine etc plus a bank of computers and comms gear

That is quite some amazing work for a small 1500 watt unit.

Starting fridge/Freezer compressors and handling the other mixed loads all togeether speaks well of these units.

The same site uses an Asian Electron 25 amp 24VDC charger to charge the 900 amphr battery bank if it gets low, using a low cost petrol genset.

This is a one off special sale and will not be repeated.

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