AC Power Measurement



AC Power Measurement

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Campus, Factory Wide Power usage:-

OPTO 22's EMU ( Energy Management Unit) is certainly worth a look, as it provides vaste expansion ability with distributed measuremet all connected via Ethernet or WiFi.

IT Room and facilities Power usage

Packet Power's Smart Cables allowing building a power and environmental measurement system from small to very large. Using Mesh Wireless this system is a rapid install with no programming with data going to a personal web pages on a cloud.

Site and system logging and analysis:-

Summit and Lascar portable logging and analysis meters and loggers provide a comprhensive look at power in any site single or three phase.

Local Power usage and Power analysis:-

Rishabh make a broad range of meters for all things electrical, single and three phase.

Measure complex power:

Volts, Amps, Power factor, Reactive power, real power single and three phase.

These units also have real time large displays


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 Infrastructure AC Power and Environment        
 Scaleable and expandable AC power measurement    Based around OPTO 22's powerful PAC Measurement    
 Scaleable and expandable AC power measurement    Wireless Mesh using smart power cables    
 Power Monitoring and Analysis        
 Single and Three Phase Monitoring    Site and systems Measurements and Reports    
 Power Meters and Local Measurment        
 Single and Three Phase Power Usage    Household and Industrial Power usage meters  
 Single and Three Phase Measurement    Measure, Volts, Amps, Power factor, Reactive Power etc    

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