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PACs, PLCs, PID & Controllers

The topic of PACs and PLCs + other controllers, covers a large range of product type as seen below.

PACs represent the latest Automation and Control technology, that has many advantages over the traditional PLCs.

Both in Hardware and Software, PACs expand beyond PLCs ability.

There are two levelss- Osless PAC & OS PACs.

However for many projects a PLC is lower cost and a good technical fit for the job.

Hence MasTec offers all levels of PACs and PLCs to choose from.

For dedicated control, like ovens, furnaces etc, the lowest cost controller is the PID Controller in many form factors.

Embedded PACs, PLCs and controllers are also available is programmed by Basic, C, a Proprietary Language running in an OS or OS less environment. This is often a very good choice for Machine building where greater flexibility is required.

The Last technology that is often used is Distributed I/O. This can mean a PLC or PAC driving a set of Distributed IO remote blocks or can even be a PC driving an ethernet or RS-485 network of remaote IO blocks. Often a v.ery good solution for simple control and monitoring

There is also a new form of PLC that is extremely low cost that comes in various levels of performance. At the simple level they are a very powerful relay controller with both Analog and Digital Inputs.

These low cost PLCs can be expanded to carry dozens of IO points and can easily interface with Analog systems for control.

Any machine builder that just wants Digital Control could look at these devices as a very quick and low cost solution.

Smart Relays

Baby PLCs

Raspberry Pi Soft PLC

Omron PLCs

Powerful PACs with Distributed Ability

Basic Programmed Soft PLC

Linux Based Soft PLC

Seimens PLCs
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 Hardened Computer based PAC Systems
OS Win CE or Linux
 Intel based hardened computers with I/O - Win CE or Linux        Sealevel Systems, Advantech, Contec
 Intel ATOM based hardened computers with I/O - Win CE or Linux        DFI
 Arm 9 based hardened computers with I/O        Sealevel Systems, Artila
 PACs Systems
 PAC Systems hardened Ethernet or Wireless        Opto 22
 PAC Systems huge range of PAC IO modules        Opto 22
 PAC Systems Advanced multitasking software        Opto 22
 PAC Distributed I/O :- Extensions for Allen Bradley PLCs        Opto 22
 PACs Systems
 Basic Programmed PACs        Dataq
 Distributed I/O Systems
OS Win7, 8, 8.1, WinCE or Linux
 Distributed I/O :- Using a PC as the PAC controller        Opto 22, Sealevel
 Distributed I/O :- Network Brain - hardened ethernet        Opto 22, Sealevel Systems, Advantech
 Distributed I/O :- PC Based - hardened ethernet        Opto 22
 Distributed I/O :- PC Based - hardened 4 wire RS-485        Opto 22
 Distributed I/O :- PC Based - Soft-Logic with Computer I/O        Opto 22, Sealevel Systems, ADlink, Advantech, Artila
 Distributed I/O :- Soft Logic -
External ADAM RS-232/485 I/O modules
Modbus RTU, Serial and TCP
       Advantech, ADlink, Dataforth, ICS, Opto 22, ICPDAS, Exemys
 Distributed I/O :- Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus        Opto 22, Micronor
 Distributed I/O :- DeviceNet and CANbus        Opto 22, Micronor, Axiomatic
 Distributed I/O :- PC based Ethernet
Modbus, USB, RS-232, RS-485
Analog and Digital I/O + Relays and SSRs
       Sealevel Systems
Distributed I/O :- USB and Ethernet I/O modules        Sealevel Systems, Measurement Computing, LabJack, Eagle
Distributed I/O :- AC & DC Power Control        Opto 22
 IsaGRAF+InduSOFT programmable        ICPDAS
 WinGRAF+InduSOFT programmable      ICPDAS
PID Controllers
PID Controllers (huge range lowest cost performance)        Jumo, Omega, BEE
 PLCs - Siemens Equivalent with HMIs ad Scada        VIPA
 PLCs - Siemens & Allen Bradley Equivalent PLCs        Automation Warehouse
 PLCs - Full Omron Range of PLCs        Omron
 PLCs - Tiny DIN - Function Block Programming        Array, xLogic, Omron, Keyence
 PLCs- Basic Programmed        Dataq
 PLCs IEC-61131-3
Linux OS
   Program in 5 ways. Text Languages, Flow charts, function blocks, Standardised Ladder etc    
 PLCs - Powerful easily programmed PLCs        Systec
 Embedded PLCs
no OS
 PLCs - Tiny OEM Embedding- FBD Programming        xLogic, Omron
 PLCs - Small PLCs, Ethernet, Modbus FBD Programming        xLogic
 PLCs - Advanced PLC, Modbus, RS-485, 4-20mA in and out, SMS - Ethernet - HMI - FBD Programming - Expansion        xLogic
 PLC using Embedded Micro Conrollers
OS Linux or COS Realtime
 Raspberry Pi based Soft Logic PLC, very slick and low cost. Rugged IO blocks suitable for AC Power.    Plug a standard Pi into the OPTO 22 back plane and read/control industrial Isolated IO modules    Opto 22
 PLCs - Board and box level - ARM 9 - Linux based - C Programming        Artila
 PLCs - Micro Controller - COS multitasker based - C Programming        Rabbit Semi
 PLCs - Micro Controller - C Programming        Micromint

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