Non-invasive blood pressure (NIMP) simulators are used to test the function and accuracy of NIBP monitoring equipment.

NIBP Simulator Kits

NIBP-1010 (basic features, NIBP only):
• Selectable options and setup of parameters
• Full range manometer
• Adult, neonatal, hypertensive and hypotensive modes
• 0-500 mmHg pressure range
• +/- 1% of reading pressure accuracy
• Digital pressure envelope offset
• Optional peak pressure detect with simple reset
• SpO2 ready – compatible with msp-2100 module
• Digital calibration – no pots to turn
• Flash programmable
• Battery life display (0 to 100%)
• Optional rechargeable nimh batteries
• Battery eliminator
• RS232 interface

NIBP-1020 (NIBP, ECG pace & resp) has all the basic model features plus:
• ECG output with full NSR waveform
• Sinusoidal respiration simulation
• ECG test waveforms
• Pace waveform
• Optional peak pressure detect with ECG alarm test
• ECG synchronized with blood pressure

NIBP-1030 (NIBP, ibp, temperature, ECG pace & resp) has all the 1020 model features plus:

• Backlit LCD display
• Synchronized invasive blood pressure output
• Selectable ibp sensitivity 5/40 µv/v/mmHg
• Static ibp simulation –10mmHg to 400 mmHg
• Leak rate test
• ECG arrhythmia waveforms
• ECG arrhythmia sequence
• YSI 400 and 700 series temperature simulation

NIBP-1040 (NIBP, ibp, temperature, ECG pace & resp) has all the 1030 model features plus:
• Cadiac Output (including MCO-2100 breakout box)
• Fetal/Maternal

The NIBP Series is a Microprocessor based, High Precision Non- Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) Simulators. The units are small, easy to use and have Multiple features to fit many different applications.

Offering ECG waveforms and realistic, full QRS and respiration waveforms.

The graphic display not only provides multiple screens that give the pressure digitally in mmHg, but also offers views of the plot of the overall pressure or a close-up of the BP waveform.

This chart details the features of the NIBP series, indicating which features are included, optional or unavailable on each model.

NIBP Kits include all the adapters, all of the features for that model and the custom carrying case at a significant savings. The NIBP-1040 is only available as a kit.


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