Hydraulic Systems


 MasTec builds custom Hydraulic RAM Systems.

MasTec has been working with one of NZ’s largest RAM and Pump Company for over 15 years.

MasTec Systems come complete with three phase Motor & Pump plus custom Cabling, Sensors and Analog and Digital controls to link to PC, PLC, PAC, Embedded, Edge DAQ Controllers.

Each custom Hydraulic System has three phase Power Control, Proportional Pump Flow Control, RAM Direction Control, End Points Sensing and or a high accuracy RAM displacement gauge.

Complete systems can also be supplied as standalone with a Touch Screen Industrial Computer and Custom software.


Solution can be supplied with software for interfacing to a PC, PLC, PAC, Embedded, Edge DAQ Controllers.

If you require an Hydraulic system with a Hydraulic Motor Controller, we will add Rotary Encoders for position and rate control.

Hydraulic Motor Pump and Reservior

 Hydraulic Proprotional Value Controller 

Hydraulic Pump and Motor 

Hydraulic RAM Control 

 Hydraulic Small RAM


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