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MSR BudgetLine Data Loggers
The reusable pdf loggers of the MSR BudgetLine measure and document the temperature and humidity of sensitive items.



MasTec is now a member (service provider) of the New Zealand Cold Storage Association (NZCSA)

Loggers & Recorders

Our range of Loggers & Recorders is extensive. We have simple low cost to advanced products.

The new Tiny USB stick loggers are so low priced, and have such a versatile range, you can almost log any signal with them. However they log quite slowly and this may be an issue.

Fast loggers have a bigger price tag and are more sophisicated large memories, large IO, Networking, Wireless, Displays and more

A new type of logger is the wireless logger, that collects signals from multiple points at the same time with Wireless.

The most versatile logger is the Laptop with a DAQ card or a USB DAQ module. Most vendors now supply free logger software for their DAQ hardware.

AC & DC Power loggers have a built in circuit for managing AC and DC high voltage and currents. Most AC power loggers give Volts, current, watts PF, KwHr and many other parameters.

MasTec has both paperless recorders with LCD displays and older style paper recorders.




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We now distribute the Graphtec Range supplied by Dataq.

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