Laboratory and Production Instruments & Transmitters


Lab Instruments

MasTec has an extensive range of Laboratory Instruments from several world renowned manufacturers.

Our range extends from simple handheld instruments like Temp, Humidity, Pressure, pH, Flow, etc meters all the way through to Manufacturing Floor instruments for Pharma, Brewing, Sugar and Chemical Industries.

In the manufacturing industries we have a broad range of Clibrated, Lab Grade measuring devices for thickness, faults and crack detection, even roundness.

Please ask for help on your special needs for Instruments

Displacement - LVDTs, Resistive


Temperature and Humidity Measurement

Gas Measurement - Pressure & Flow


Chemical Measurement

teh most common measurements are Conductivity and pH but we can also measure O2, CO2, CO, NO, either in the ambient air or in solution.

Pressure, Flow, Level            
Analog and Digital       Dwyer, Omega, Meriam
Gas Flow            
Laminar Flow Elements and Orifice Plates       Meriam
HVAC Air Velocity, Manometers            
Liquid and Digital - Balancing Systems       Dwyer, Meriam
Process Control Products            
Huge range of Sensors, switches, PSUs etc       Dwyer, Omega
Hazardous Intrinsic Products      
Pressure, Temp, Level, Process Control, Flow, Valves and Test Equipment       Dwyer, Meriam
Temperature, Humidity, Light            
Handheld & Bench Top       Dwyer, Omega, Meriam
Conductivity, pH            
Handheld & Bench Top       Omega
Thickness, Coatings, Fault, Cracks            
Handheld & Bench Top       Karl Deutsch
2D Production Line Imaging            
Compare 2D Production Images to CAD Image       TIC
Oxygen CO2, other gases            
Liquid     Centec

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