IP Controlled Products


IP Controller Products and Relays

MasTec has several IP Controlled products that are very useful in Industrial and IT situations.

The IP ethernet or Wifi Relays are useful for restarting crashed systems and can be included on many Servers, Controllers etc.

For Security systems there is a good range of IP Cameras and applinaces or software to build appliance.

For Relays in general, we can offer relays that are connected directly to digital outputs, RS-232, 485, Modbus, Ethernet, PCI Bus.

Also a range of Smart Power relays that have programmable ability, with threshold adjustments, latching, one shot and other features etc



 IP Controlled Relays        
 Power Relays for reboot etc        Aviosys, Sealevel
 WiFi Power Relays for reboot etc        Aviosys
 Monitoring and Control Systems       Opto 22, Sealevel
 IP Controlled Camera        
 Low to HD Cameras, with Night vision also        Aviosys also see Infrastructure and Security
 RS-232 Controlled Relays        
 Power Relays        Pencomm
 RS-485 and Modbus Controlled Relays        
 Power and Small Relays        ADlink, Opto 22, Eagle Technology, B&B, ICPDAS
 Ethernet Controlled Relays & SSRs        
 Power Relays and SSR Relays        Opto 22, Sealevel, Advantech, ICPDAS, B&B
 USB Controlled Relays        
 Power and Small Relays        Measurement Computing, Sealevel, Eagle Technology
 PCI Controlled Relays        
 Power and Small Relays        Measurement Computing, Sealevel, Eagle Technology, ICPDAS, ADlink,
 PAC and PLC Logic Controlled Relays        
 Power and Small Relays        Opto 22, Array, xLogic, Artila
  PLC Controlled Smart Relays - DIN Rail        
 Power Relays    No Program solution    MasTec

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