DC Power Supplies


DC Power Supplies

A broad range of types

Test Instruments
DIN Rail
PCB Mount
Plug Packs
Open Frame




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Bi Directional High Power DC Supplies
(AC Powered)
 Modular Expandable Professional Systems    Very High Power    
 Telco -48VDC Power Supplies (AC Powered)        
 Modular Professional Systems        
 DC Output Power Supplies (AC Powered)        
 Bench Supplies Programmable & Simple      


 Instrumentation T&M Grade Bench Supplies        

 DIN Rail Industrial (5, 12, 24VDC)      


 PCB Mount        PowerTech,
 Plug Packs DC ouputs        PowerTech,
 In Line Packs (3-24 VDC 4-5amps)        PowerTech,
 Boxed and Case Supplies      
 Open Frame        PowerTech,
 Racks        PowerTech,
 High Voltage High Current      
 DC Output Power Supplies (DC Powered)        
 PC Power Supplies 12, 24 and -48 VDC Inputs, standard, outputs are 3.3, 5, 12 VDC +/-        Ask
 DC Output Power Supplies (AC Powered)        
 Battery Eliminators (13.8 VDC from 10 to 60 amps)         PowerTech
 Redundant PSUs with DC UPS        
 DIN Rail 12 and 24 VDC PSU with UPS built in.      
 Redundant Industrial Power and DC UPS Controller & Charger        

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