Borescopes and Industrial Endscopes

Inspection Camera 

 Rugged Recording Video Inspection Borescope with 7" Screen and High-Performance Probe


Pipe & Duct Recording Video Inspection Camera/Borescope with 100Ft. Probe & Field Replaceable Camera Head


 Super mini-fiberscope with 0.8mm camera lens, 1m testing cable


The best borescopes, or inspection cameras, have become must-have accessories for tradesmen and specialists to inspect drains, pipes and wiring without removing walls and ceilings. They are also essential tools for mechanics and car enthusiasts – allowing you to see parts of an engine without having to take it apart.


Suitable for inspection and observation of high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and places that are invisible to the human eye (eg automotive assembly, automotive casting, engines, pipes, mechanical parts, pressure vessels, power systems, wind power, chemical, mechanical equipment) , railway locomotives, etc., can achieve non-destructive testing without disassembly or destruction of assembly and equipment stop operation, can greatly improve the detection efficiency and equipment safety performance


Industry endoscopes
Rigid borescopes
Infrared videoscopes
Crawler robots
Optic fiberscopes
Pipe inspection cameras
Thermal Image Endoscopes
Video Borescope with Blacklight Inspection
USB Camera
WiFi Video Endoscopes


General Tools Borescope Video Inspection Cameras are systems that combine a camera-tipped probe with an LCD monitor for viewing live video and saved video clips and photos of hard-to-reach places. With their high-performance video inspection camera product line, you can choose the probe type (wired, wireless or articulating) and diameter (as thin as 3.9mm) in a la carte fashion.

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 Handheld Industrial Inspection Borescope

 Sewer Pipelines Inspection Robot Camera




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