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Batteries and Battery Chargers

MasTec Ltd stocks common ranges of Batteries and Chargers.

As we are a large sell of UPS products, we stocks common ranges of SLA Batteries.

Our battery range coverss

  • UPSs
  • Deep Discharge
  • Cranking, Marine
  • Spiral for high vibration or G Loading.

We have simple to large chargers.

A huge range of smart chargers for Alternative power, marine, industrial and commercial usages.




 Batteriy Banks ( li Ion )        
For all things USB powered Smart Devices etc        Skyease
 Batteries (SLA=Sealed Lead Acid)        
 UPS and Security SLA Batteries        Panasonic Batteries, Alpha
 Deep Cycle and Wet Batteries       Exide, Alpha
 Marine and Automotive Battery        Exide Orbital
 UPS Battery Banks        Soltec, Tripp-Lite, Powercom
 Batteries (Metal Hydride Lithium Ion)        
 Metal Hydride        Panasonic Batteries
 Lithium Ion       Exide, Alpha
 Battery Chargers (AC Powered) - Industrial        
 Switched Mode Chargers
12, 24, 48 VDC >200amps
       Asian Electron, PowerTech, Sterling Power, Powermaster, ET Power
 Power Pack Chargers & In-line Chargers for SLAs        PowerTech
 Battery Chargers (AC Powered)
Metal Hydride, Lithium Ion
 Up to 20 cells in series        PowerTech
 Battery Chargers - Marine- (AC Powered)        
 Marine and Mobile Switched Mode Chargers
12, 24, 48 VDC >200amps
       Sterling Power, Powermaster
 Marine Water Proof Chargers
12, 24, >100amps
       Sterling Power
 Battery Chargers - (DC to DC 24>12)        
 Allows a system to have a 12 VDC battery system being charged off a 24 VDC system.
Saves adding another alternator to your system. Switched Mode Chargers
       Sterling Power
 DC Supplies (AC Powered) - Battery Eliminators        
 Battery Eliminators (13.8 VDC from 10 to 40 amps)        PowerTech

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