Automation and Control


Traditional Methods

Automation & Control products allow the building of machines and systems that automate an industrial process, factory production, energy systems, buildings, campus or city system etc.

As with most technology, Automation & Control has evolved from simple beginnings and has developed over many years


Some traditional methods to build Automation & Control systems.

  • PLCs (Programmanle Logic Controllers )
  • DSC ( Distributed Systems Controllers )
  • DIO ( Distributed I/O)
  • DC ( Dedicated Controllers such as PID )
  • Embedded Microprocessors.

These technologies do not have a software OS or Operating System. They are called OSless and are dedicated Automation & Control systems.

These are used for critical systems that can run stabily and if there is a software or hardware glitch, they will reboot or restart very rapidly.

Other Industrial Automation methods

  • Soft PLC using a PC ( Virtual PLC )
  • Industrial Computers with IO
  • Embedded Microprocessors

These other Industrial Automation methods do use a software OS or Operating System. They are called OS Automation & Control systems. These can not be used for critical systems as they do take time to reboot and recover.

Note :- Embedded Microprocessors are the fastest reboots and usually are safe for less critical systems as they do not use disk drives to start up from. They use Flash Memory both for programs and data storage.


New type of Automation Controllers

  • IIOT Linux Edge Controller-/Computers

A IIOT Controller/Computer simplifies Automation considerably by bring many technologies into one simple programmable system. Using modern methods, a IIOT Computer can link traditional technologies like PLCs and PACs, place sensors directly to databases and cloud systems. >> More info

  • PAC ( OSless -Programmable Automation Controllers )

A PAC has all the advantages of a traditional PLC but adds a much broader and a very modern development environment and therefore allows the building of more advanced and complete systems and processes.

Fundamentally PACs can perform all types of math very rapidly, and by design have distributed control and IO, they are corporate network aware and since they can be linked to corporate computer systems directly, PACs understand all the other technologies that are in that arena, such as databases, web, email, ftp, TCP, clouds, local and remote wireless and more.

A derivation of PAC technology has also recently appeared that offers even broader and more modern development environments and this is the

  • PAC ( OS PACs or Super Hardened Industrial Computers )

This new range of OS Industrial Computers - or OS PACs have solid state flash drives, are fanless and hardened and are now used as PACs or Industrial Controllers and are listed twice in our site-

IIOT Edge Programmable Computers

PACs and PLCs

Industrial Computers


Automation & Control IO

The products used to build the I/O sections of Automation & Control are listed below.

Most manufacturers have a full compliment of IO blocks for their PACs, PLCs, DIO, DSC

However there are occassions when additional IO is required and these are listed under the categories

Data Acquisition and SSRs & Relays

Data Acquisition - DAQ has evolved over the years and now hardened industrial DAQ is a cross over technology, and is being used for Automation and Control with PLCs, PACs, Industrial Computers and Embedded Microprocessors.

Automation & Control Accessories

MasTec also sells accessories to expand Automation and Control systems.

Interfacing for

  • AC and DC Low to High voltage and current
  • Standalone controllers PIDs, Panel Meters
  • Loggers
  • Displays
  • Indicators
  • Recorders
  • Digital Panel Meters
  • Plus software for building these systems.
  • Motion
  • Imaging
  • Wireless End Points
  • 3G and GPRS Routers and Modems
  • Building Control Network products
 IIOT Edge Controllers/Computers        
 EPIC IIOT Real Time Linux Computer   First of type Hardware and Software    
 IIOT Real Time Linux Controller    First of type Hardware and Software    
IIOT Edge Computing   Advanced Software tools and Hardware  
 PLCs - OSless        
 PLCs - Ladder Logic or IEC programming    Siemens Equivalent hardware and software    ,

 PLCs - Tiny PLC DIN Rail - Simple easy to use

 PLCs - Smarter Tiny DIN Rail - AC or DC IO models - Analog inputs - expandable

 PLCs - Advanced Tiny DIN - DC IO - expandable - Analog inputs and outputs - High speed Digitals - PWM - Encoders

 PLCs - Advanced Tiny DIN - DC IO - expandable - Analog inputs and outputs - High speed Digitals - PWM - Encoders
Ethernet Modbus, HMIs, SMS

   Function Block Programming  


 PLCs - OS        
 PLCs - Board and box level - ARM 9 CPU    Linux based - C Programming    
 PLCs - Micro Controller    COS multitasker based - C Programming    
 PAC - OSless        
 Full OSless PAC System with Industrial IO    Flow Chart and Text programming    
 Smart Phone Controlled PAC System with Industrial IO    Flow Chart and Text programming    
 PAC - OS - Hardened Computer Systems        
 Intel based hardened computers flash disks with I/O    MS CE or Linux based - C Programming  

 Arm 9 based hardened computers flash disks with I/O    MS CE or Linux based - C Programming    
 SBC based hardened Controller/Computers        

 Distributed IO    For OS and OSless PACs and PLCs    
 Distributed I/O :- Network Brain or Controller -   Hardened ethernet - TCP - Modbus and more    

 Distributed I/O :- Comms connected   Hardened ethernet    
 Distributed I/O :- PC Based -    Hardened 4 wire RS-485    
 Distributed I/O :- PC Based -    Hardened 4 wire RS-485    
 Soft Logic PLCs and PACs    For Industrial or Commercial PCs    
 Distributed I/O :- using Ethernet Distributed Brains and IO    OSless    

 Distributed I/O :- using Computer DAQ I/O    Windows and Linux OS with Software Tools    

 Distributed I/O :- Using External ADAM RS-232/485 I/O    Windows and Linux OS with Software Tools    


 Distributed I/O :- Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus    OSless    

 Distributed I/O :- DeviceNet and CANbus      


 Distributed I/O :- Modbus Serial and TCP        

Distributed I/O :- USB and Ethernet DAQ I/O modules    PCs using Windows and Linux OS    


 AC~DC Power Control         -
 AC & DC Power Control Systems    Solid State or Contact Relays    


 AC Proportional Power Control Systems    Thyristors or IGBTs    ,
 PID Control        
PID Controllers (huge range lowest cost performance)        ,

 Recorder and Chart Systems         
 Digital Indicators, Charts and Recorders        ,

 Industrial LCD Displays        


IP65, Marine, Industrial, large sizes, bright sunlight        

 Digital Panels Meters         
 Digital Panel meters        ,

 Programmable Digital Panel meters        
 Software Systems        
 SCADA Software    Windows    
 OPTO 22 PAC flow chart programming:      No OS    
 Measurement Studio Programming:         Windows    
 LabVIEW Software    Windows, Apple    
 DAQ Factory Software    Windows    
 DasyLab Graphical Programming:         Windows    ,
 Rabbit Semiconductor Dynamic C Embedded development:      No OS or COS multitasker    
 HMI Works    No OS for controllers and Smart Panel displays    
 IsaGRAF+InduSOFT programmable    Industry standard software for PACs    
 DAQAmi Non Program    DAQ, Graphing, Logging and Export Excel CSV files    
 Motion Systems        
 Servo and stepper    Windows    

 Imaging, Cameras, Lights & Systems        
 Imaging systems    Windows    
 Industrial Transmitters        
 4-20mA Transmitters - all types        ,

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