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Welcome to our Website

This month our focus cateories are:-

Industrial Measurement & Control

Hardware for Industrial Measurement & Control

  • PLCs
  • PACs
  • Smart Relays
  • PID & Other Controllers
  • Soft PLCs
  • Distributed IO
  • Industrial IO
  • Industrial DIN PSUs

Our PLC range covers from lower end PLCs from Array, X Logic and Omega to more advanced PLCs from Keyence, Omron and Siemens Equivalent VIPA.

Below the PLC category there is this sub category called Smart Relays that allow very very low cost PLC control of simple projects. A child can learn to program these devices they are so easy.

We have an extensive set of Smart Relays from Array, xLogic and Omega.

MasTec also program in house the SR PLC models from Array to make a plug and play range of Smart Relay functions.

Our PAC range is extensive with the world's best from OPTO 22 ( OSless) to a broad range of IsaGraf, Linux, OS7, Win CE sealed solid state fanless PACs right down to PCB Embeddable PACs.

PID, Refrig, Profile and Pressure Controllers are widely used and a very convenienta and low cost solution.

MasTec has one of the world leaders is Jumo of Germany.

We also have Omega, Bee and Rishab PID and programmable controller products.

Soft PLCs were invented by OPTO 22 in the late 1970's using embedded PCBs. Old timers will remember when the IBM PC was released in 1982 OPTO 22 had the DOS based Cyrano Soft PLC software that converted a PC into a very stable high performance real time PLC. ( No Windows in the way)

OPTO 22 combined PLC & Soft Logic PLC technology into PACs in the 90's, releasing the Mystic range. They were PACs but not called this until 2001 when ARC released the term.

One of our companies, ICPDAS make a beautiful set of PAC - Soft PLCs wrapped in any of these development systems, the ISAGraf, or OS7, Win CE, plus the Linux development environments.

Distributed IO was invented by OPTO 22 in the 80s using Basic programming OPTOmux in Localised controllers on an RS-485 network.

Distributed IO is now used by almost all PLC, PAC and Industrial Computer builders for placing IO around an industrial site using smart comms systems linked back to the controller.

Some Distributed IO have localised controllers that control PIDs, convert engineering units, PWM and other services.

The advanced distributed IO units have shared data and they automatically build memory maps of all IO on the network, and this allows any PAC on the comms netwrok to read or update TAGs or Parameters.

OPTO 22 still leads in this field with not only Distributed IO for their own PACs but also expansion IO for Rockwell and Profibus systems.

Industrial IO is slighly different than Distributed IO in that the IO is not usually Smart or networked but is usally clipped on to very expensive controller such as PLCs or PACs to isolate them from electrical harm.

This means Industrial IO is not Comms Smart but tough Conditioners and Isolators and sometimes Level Shifters and Filters. Maybe converting 230 VAC to logic Level of 24VDC with isoltion and filters.

Leaders are OPTO 22, Dataforth, Power IO, APCS, Omega and others.

Lastly, Power for all these categories of Industrial control systems is usually built in but if DC power is needed then MasTec has ranges of DIN Rail PSUs for almost any device.

Software for Industrial Measurement and Control

Almost all companies have proprietry software for PAC and PLC development.

This especially true for PLCs and and all OSless PACs. However theses software packages are highly refined and very efficient at what they do.

A strong points for PACs that use OSs such as Linux, Windows or OS7, they can be programmed with Standard software tools, usually Compilers, even LabVIEW.

Some PLC and PAC manufacturers use the Windows based development tools from ISAGraf to develop IEC certified applications that will run on any compliant PAC. This is an excellent choce also.

ISaGRAF is the most popular and one of the most powerful SoftLogic and PAC packages on the market.

Development of ISaGRAF application is on a Windows based PC and then downloaded to a target.

IsaGraf supports IEC 61131-3 standard PLC/PAC programming languages like:-

  • Quick Ladder (LD)
  • Function Block Diagram (FBD)
  • Sequential Function Chart (SFC)
  • Structured Text (ST)
  • Instruction List (IL)
  • plus Flow Chart (FC)

And you are able to run any application generated by any of these development methods on any IEC PLC/PAC/Soft Logic device. Very cool.

Additionally, for the ultimate in power and flexibility, ISaGRAF supports off-line simulation, on-line debugging, monitoring and control. Again very cool.

National Instruments have released an FPGA based Industrial Controller that runs a real time LabVIEW.

This is a new category of industrial controller at present is only used in critical high performance processes where cost is not an issue.

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