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Ethernet & POE

USB over Ethernet

Welcome to our Website for July 2014

Three new companies to look over.

Huge range of Form Factors for DAQ & Comms
++ Android RS-232 out of the USB port.

Tough Smart Phones & Tablets + Android Sticks

Loggers - Sticks, Transport, Laboratory & Atmos

This month our Product Cateory focus is:-

Comms and Comms Control Systems
Ports, Switches, Converters, Virtual, Wireless


Some Types of IP controlled Devices
IP Telephony, IP Survalliance, IP Power etc

A total of 28 companies with a huge range of technology, most of it Industrial Grade.

Some are world leaders in their particular fields.

RS-232 and 485 was slated to fade away witht he introduction of USB years ago. However, serial comms is still alive and well with UART sales hitting peaks each year. It is slower than USB but way better for industrial work and it actually works in a noisy electrical environment.

Have you struggled with USB in industrial settings.?

Two thinsg I found that can help USB amazingly.

1/ Power the USB device off a good clean power supply if it will allow it, don't use the PC Power supply which is subject to a lot of noise, spikes etc.

2/ Buy industrial grade USB cables with strong shielding. Many USB comms failures are not software drivers as many think, but actually power to the USB device not being sufficent to run it when it sthe USB device is under power load.

Comms Hardware this month

PCI, cPCI, PXI, PCIe - RS-232, 422, 485, Sync
Serial Converters & Isolation
Serial Device Servers - Web & Ethernet

USB Connectivity
USB Ports for Virtualisation over Ethernet
USB to Serial

Ethernet Managed and Unmanaged Switches
Ethernet Extenders
Ethernet Media Converters
Copper and Fiber Media Converters
POE Switches

Drop in Wireless serial cable replacers
Wireless - RS 232, 485, Canbus, Modbus,
Wireless LANs and Bridges 2.4 and 5 GHZ

Industrial Buses
Foundation Fieldbus
CAN/CAN Open Comms converter Modules
CAN/CAN Open Ethernet Gateways

IP Devices

IP Telephony
IP & USB Power Controllers
IP UPS monitoring and control
IP PDU monitoring and control
IP Environmental monitoring
IP Power measurement
IP Camera survalliance

And a host of accessories for Comms systems.

Most Laptps and even Desktops do not have Serial ports any more. We can convert these computers with several options.

Some LabVIEW info for this issue.

Windows XP is no longer supported by MS.

If you are using older versions of LabVIEW that were designed to run in Windows XP, you may like to try to port these development tools and applications to Win 7 32 bit version and see if they run OK.

There is much discussion on Blog sites about this. Many say moving from XP to 7 is not possible for LV 7,.1.1 etc even LV 8.

Most of the issues seem to be with NIs device drivers rather than LabVIEW itself.

Many sites report success with LV 7.1.1 on Win 7. So try and see if it works for you.

I have been experimenting and most LV 7.1.1 programs that use the old MCC Legacy LV system called MCC Universal LabVIEW Library work just fine on Win 7 32 bit.

NB they will/may hang in the Win 7 64 bit. Not always, it seems to depend on the computer drivers rather than the OS itself.

Now if you aren't successful with this migration and you have to migrate to say LV 2013 to get your programs to work in Windows 7, you can still use the old MCC Universal LabVIEW library and even mix the new MCC LabVIEW ULx LabVIEW library calls in the same program,

What this means is that you can keep a lot of your old code and for any new DAQ work, just jump into ULx and you should be fine.

I can't gaurantee 100% but so far after messing around with over 200 Megs of old LabVIEW 6.1.1, 7.1.1, 8 and even 9 code for clients, I have found this is the case for me.

This step of moving to Win 7 is a significant help in keeping your clients or sites safe, as you will still be keeping your computers up to date with the any security patches etc.

Do have a read also of this article written by Bloomy Controls USA as it offers more info, ideas and solutions.

I know many sites are still running LabVIEW 6 and 7 as it is much simpler than LV 8 onwards and surprisingly the code is much faster and also smaller usually.

The above tips will/may be very helpful and give your old code many more years of safe operation.

As a last point. Porting LV 7.1.1 code to say LV 2013 should be straight forward if you have to take that step.

I have also experimented and almost everything lifts across cleanly. Code with References may not lift cleanly and require a little work.

However it will give you an opportunity to clean up your old code.

All the best.

Let MasTec know if you need any help in this type of work.

Next month we will look at LabVIEW OOPs.

Our Lead Company Interest

Pioneers of IP Technology Interest

POE & Switches and much more Interest

PROFIBUS & CANBUS for Motion, Control & Interfacing Interest

Serial boards and USB Boxes Interest

Ethernet and Wireless rebooters Interest

Industrial Serial Comms Converters Interest

CanBus, J1939, CanOpen Comms & Devices Interest

Industrial grade 2.4GHZ Serial Links Interest

RS-232, 422 and 485 Converters Interest

Digi Comms Boards+ USB Anywhere Interest

St Lukes Medical UPS story- Interest -- Read More

Accurate Temperature Measurment link
Wireless DAQ Tablets & Smart Phones Link & Interest

Comms boards * Android RS-232- Interest

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